Dan Hawkins

Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

Desk: Talent Acquisition, Animation, QA, Localisation & HR

Email: daniel@aswift.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danhawkins-gaming-recruitment/

About Me:

Music means a lot to me and I’m obsessed with obscure electronic music. I enjoy a good curry, whether that be Indian, Thai, Sri Lankan or Japanese. I’m fond of mountain biking (when I’m not falling off and causing myself some kind of injury). Video games are of course a huge hobby of mine, I’ve got a pretty varied taste though. I actually love a good mobile game. Pokemon GO is up there for one of the best releases of the decade.

Favourite Game: Spider-Man PS4

Favourite Game Series: Grand Theft Auto

Favourite TV Series: River Monsters

Favourite Film: Fight Club

Favourite Author: George Orwell

Favourite Artist: Sven Vath

What’s your career background?

I actually started my life at steel works in and around Sheffield. I eventually moved onto sales and used to manage a sales team within a call centre. Moving to video game recruitment seemed a natural progression. I was already well versed with talking to people, getting to their needs, and it’s turned out well for me so far!

What’s an average day look like for you at Aardvark Swift?

I’m on the phone a lot! Either I’m catching up with my candidates to see how things are going (seeing if I can be of any help to them) or I’m checking in with my clients to find out what vacancies they have and the type of person they’re looking for. Being able to do the leg work and match the right person to the right vacancy is what it’s all about!


What do you love most about your job?

As cheesy as it sounds the main motivator and biggest pay off for me is finding someone their dream job. Not everyone is fortunate enough to work and do what they really want to do, and video games is a passion for a lot of people. When you’re able to make that happen for someone, it’s a fantastic feeling.

Favourite work memory so far?

The company end of year trip to Hamburg was such a great break for the team! The Hamburg Fish Market specifically was a fantastic location with everything from fish, fruit, flowers, clothing, beer and souvenirs!

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