Dan Hawkins

Name: Dan Hawkins 

Job title: Recruitment Consultant

About me: I love travel, food, loud music, trainers, video games and I have been told by many people that I look like Jason Statham.
What I do: Working to place the best Animators, QA specialists and Localisation Experts into their dream jobs!

Favourite game: The Witcher 3

Favourite TV series: Game of Thrones




Aardvark Spotlight: Dan Hawkins

Dan describes his role as being between the commercial and the art sectors of the business. His role allows him to work with interesting, diverse companies spanning across different sectors.

How would you describe you average day?

At the moment I am working with the art and animation sector in video games and I’m also working with QA and some other commercial roles, as well as a few toy companies. My average day involves speaking with new candidates, talking to my clients about their roles, arranging interviews, and making as many calls as possible! I always have lots of different conversations going on at the same time.

What do you love most about working for Aardvark Swift?

I like making placements and putting people into jobs that they really want, I get a kick out of it, it’s a really good feeling.

What type of training do you receive?

I’ve had lots of training and i’ve only been here 9 months. It’s probably my favourite part of working at Aardvark, they provide training and offer support all the way through.

What did you do before?

I was just travelling before I started here, but before that I was a manager in a call centre. My sales background there is a perfect fit for recruitment, I just needed to learn the processes here!

What drew you to working at Aardvark Swift?

It’s the industry. There’s nothing quite as interesting as Aardvark in the local area, and being able to work in video games with some of the best video game creators and studios in the world.

How would you describe your journey with Aardvark Swift?

I’m only at the start of my journey and I’m already getting to the point where I’m making good money and placing people with their dream job. It’s the best of both worlds.

What do you get most out of the role?

I like to work to goals and targets. I like placing people as it’s rewarding, but it’s combined with the satisfaction of meeting my targets!

What are the perks of working here?

I get to work with the coolest people in the industry and I get to make friends with people who work in games across the world. The nice long lunch break, flexibility to go to the gym, being able to walk to and from work and early finishes on a friday are a bonus as well.

Favourite memory of working here?

Making my first placement was my favourite memory, it was an unforgettable feeling.

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