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  • An Industry Expert On-hand: When you first reach out to us, we’ll get to know more about you and what you are looking for. You’ll be assigned a dedicated consultant who will stay with you throughout your employment journey. Each of our team specialise in a certain discipline, so you know the recruiter working on your behalf is an expert at getting people like you jobs. As a leading recruiter in a niche market, we’ve spent years acquiring an academic and granular level of knowledge about the industry. We work from the grassroots-up, and we know just what hiring managers are looking for.

  • Jobs Without the Paperwork: Based on your discussion with your recruitment consultant, they’ll already have in mind a number of roles that they’re currently working that you have a real chance of landing! They don’t stop there. They actively go out to their contacts to find new roles you won't have seen, and with your permission, can submit you to roles you’re suited for without you having to lift a finger. They act as your point of contact with the studio and will handle all of the logistics!

  • Actionable Feedback: Straight after your interview, your dedicated consultant will have a catch up with the company to discuss any feedback, whether you are successful for the role or not. They will then be able to go through it with you so you can see, if you are unsuccessful, what to work on for next time. The consultant is then able to use that feedback to further hone your job search and increase your chance of success.

  • A Better Guaranteed Salary: The role of a recruitment agency doesn’t end when you receive a job offer, far from it! Our consultants are master negotiators, and from their conversations with you will know what kind of salary you are expecting. Once it has been made clear that you are the person the studio wants, they will work on your behalf to ensure you are adequately compensated for your skills, often going above and beyond what you’d expect!

  • Relocation Made Easy: Relocating for a job can sometimes be the hardest part of the whole process, especially if it means uprooting family. Agencies like us ensure that the transition happens as smoothly as possible. We can provide everything from visa support to area research. We can even help you find suitable housing! 

  • Considered for Hidden Vacancies: Through our contacts with studios and professionals around the globe, we know exactly who is open to seeing skilled candidates on a speculative basis, even if these vacancies aren’t promoted anywhere. The odds stack up in your favour when you aren’t competing against the public masses, with your skills and experience able to have the time to shine through. If you have a desire to work for a certain studio, we can approach them on your behalf even if they aren’t hiring. If you’re skilled enough, they might just want to interview you.

We offer our services completely free of charge to yourself because any fees due come from the studio we place you with. Why wouldn’t you want to increase your chances of landing your dream role? Not sure whether an agency is for you? Get in touch for an informal chat! We'd love to see how we can help you. Email or call +44 (0)1709 834777

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