‘Level Up’ Indie Recruitment Service

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Recruiting the right people when you’re ready to take that next step as a studio is key to ensuring sustainable and secure growth.

Finding the right permanent or contract staff at the right time can be difficult, time-consuming, and requires certain skills and expertise that indie studios often don’t have the resources for.

We understand that smaller studios may not always be in a position financially to sign the terms traditionally associated with a specialist recruitment agency.

We’ve devised our Indie “Level Up” Service to allow your studio to hire the talented programmers, artists, producers and designers you need to scale up.

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So how does it work?

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If you’re a games development studio of 20 members of staff or less, and you’re independently owned and financed, then you’re eligible for our “Level Up” service.

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Reduced Fees

You’ll get our Gold level of recruitment service at a reduced rate.

In return we ask you to give us a period of exclusivity to work on your vacancies.

For more info on our Service Levels click here.

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Extended Payment Terms

We want to make payment as easy as possible for you, so we’ll extend the payment terms to three instalments spread over three months.

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Placement Insurance

Should the hired candidate leave of their own accord within six months of starting at your studio we’ll find you another candidate at no extra cost.

If you’re ready to ‘Level Up’ your indie studio let’s work together on your hiring plan.

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