Chris Mellor

Name: Chris Mellor 

Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

About me:

Well, where to start. I missed out on being a big time footballer, and found myself at Aardvark Swift! I love a bit of banter, the gym takes over my life (I get our team sweating round the gym on a lunch time) and I’m a big Sheffield Wednesday fan. That pretty much sums me up!

What I do

I’m a Recruitment consultant here at Aardvark swift working in toys, licensing, eSports, sales & marketing. I like to get stuck into my work, and there’s nothing better than finding the right person for the job.


Favourite Game: The Uncharted series

Favourite TV show: Only Fools and Horses

Favourite movie: The Goonies

Favourite Book: Harry Potter – Prisoner of Azkaban

Get in touch:

Aardvark Spotlight: Chris Mellor

As  a commercial recruiter, Chris works with sales, marketing, PR, brand, social media, community, HR, & QA roles, from first jobs all the way up to director level. As a result, he gets to work with a huge variety of people and clients across the video games, toys and licensing sectors.

How would you describe your typical day?

The role is quite structured in terms of helping candidates with their CVs and finding them suitable jobs to go forward for. I find that as long as you keep working to the process and doing the right things, it pays off! I’ve got some really close relationships with our clients, so it’s really rewarding when I find them the right candidates.

What do you love most about working at Aardvark Swift?

It’s going to sound a bit cheesy, but we are life changers. I had a VP candidate who was from America who had always dreamed of living in Europe. We spent some time working together looking at potential companies and options to find a place he wanted to work – he now lives in Berlin in his dream role and he’s really happy. Without what we do here, him and others like him wouldn’t have had these opportunities.

Did you get any training?

I received loads of training! I started off on 10 weeks of the internal Aardvark Swift training, coming in as a Trainee Recruiter, and we’ve done even more with an external company. They’ve both taught me so much, it has massively helped me to become a better recruiter.

What did you do before working here?

I used to play football but that didn’t work out too well, and then I went into property sales.

Did you ever consider recruitment?

My friends told me to look into the industry as they thought it’d be something I’d enjoy as I am a people person – and you can earn a pretty penny if you do things right. Property sales taught me some transferable skills for this role, I think recruitment is quite a good transition for anyone in that sort of job!

What drew you to Aardvark Swift?

Its quirky and it’s a niche industry. I had a couple of job offers at the time but the thing that made me choose Aardvark was how cool the industry is. I never used to be into video games but now I’m obsessed.

How would you describe your Aardvark Swift journey?

It’s been great, I’ve been given a lot of support and the Aardvark Swift Journey path gives you a really clear picture of where you can progress within the company.

What do you get out of the role?

By talking to a lot of different people I’ve learned so much about the different sides of the industry. I don’t just work on games, I work on toys, licensing and the entertainment side so it’s fun to really learn about the industry and go to events like Toy Fair, the MCV Awards and Licensing Expo.

What are the perks of working here?

I get to go the gym at lunch time every day which I love. I’ve developed close relationships with my colleagues and we have a lot of fun together! I’ve got a few friends who work in recruitment  agencies and it can be a cut throat industry. But here, it’s nice and laid back, there’s good management, good atmosphere and a lot of support and community.

Favourite memory so far?

Being voted the MVP (Most Valued Person award) by the staff at our end of year celebration last year! I was getting ready to clap for someone else and I was shocked when I got it because I hadn’t even been there a year.

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