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Licensing works magic to bring our favourite characters tolife, and we want to help with that. We have strong ties to the licensingindustry, working with the likes of Pokemon and Warner Bros., and we use theseto bring you  the best and most recent jobs. 

We’ve had a dedicated licensing recruitment desk since 2006. Our specialist team work in multiple sectors,recruiting licensing professionals for licensees, licensors and licensingagencies. We can be working on assignments ranging from; Licensing Executiverole at Sony Playstation to Head of Licensing at ITV. So, if you work in sales,marketing, product development or any other discipline involving Licensedproducts, and see what we can do to help you make your next career move.

As well as being a crucial supplier of recruitment services,we play an active role in the Licensing industry, sponsoring and playing a partin the various Lightfund charity activities, sponsoring the “Power List”product awards and attending Brand Licensing Europe. 

Meet our licensing specialists

Chris Mellor

Brand & Product Management
Sales, Marketing & PR


Toy News feature: How Funko have dominated the “kidult” market.

This month, Aardvark Swift's has written a guest article for Toy News on the ways in which have developed their brand to take advantage of the licensing opportunities and the growing "kidult" market. As a leading commercial recruiter, Chris specialises in sales, marketing and brand management, working with a huge variety of...

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Aardvark Swift awarded TIGA Best Service Provider 2017!

We’re incredibly honoured to have been awarded the 2017 TIGA award for Service Provider last night! We take great pride in our recruitment efforts and work our hardest to grow the industry that we’re all a part of. We’ve always tried to be more than just a standard recruitment agency,...

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Under The Influence: Finding The Right Influencer For Your Brand

Bloggers, vloggers and online influencers are becoming a staple of the toy and brand marketing scene. But with so many names emerging Lisa Carter, co-organiser of , talks us through the importance of finding the right one. The blogging and influencer sector has come under close scrutiny of late, most...

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