Vehicle Artist – Cornwall, UK

Job Description

Vehicle Artist

Cornwall, UK

Are you an experienced Vehicle Artist? If so, you'll flourish in this role!

Situated in the heart of Cornwall, this studio is looking for someone familiar with 3D pipelines, with an eye for detail…sounds like you; right?

Are you someone who wants their work to be seen by an audience of millions of discerning and passionate fans? Do you want to work in a growing team of developers who are passionate about making games? You're ticking all of the boxes!

You'll be leading a team of talented artists, who have a portfolio of impressive projects behind them, on a new FPS title.

Your day-to-day will include:

  • Creating historically accurate vehicles for in-house first person shooters
  • Recreating vehicles to cater to the core USP of historical authenticity
  • Concept hard-surface assets to go into fictionalised settings, with a focus on creating assets which feel real, but also bad-ass!
  • Making key assets and textures, implementing them in-game
  • Collaborating with the Production team to ensure all your work is correctly scoped and planned
  • Ensuring all assets made are consistent on a technical and artistic level
  • Optimising your assets to maximise game performance

XP required:

  • A portfolio of visually impressive hard-surface assets (props and weapons are ideal)
  • Worked in a visually realistic style before, preferably utilising 3DS Max
  • A strong understanding of the strengths and limitations of the technical pipelines used in contemporary game engines   
  • Excellent eye for aesthetic style, colour and detail
  • Knowledgeable about how to maximise the technical elements of environmental design to increase visual fidelity

BONUS XP if you have:

  • An understanding of shaders and how they are used in UE4
  • Other technical skills related to 3D art and visual asset creation (i.e. an understanding of particle effect creation pipelines or 2D art skills)
  • Strong understanding of art pipelines and use of UE4
  • Experience with Substance suite or Quixel
  • An understanding of the inner workings and/or history of contemporary and historical firearms

Interested? Get in touch!

Email or call +44 (0)1709 834777

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