Technical Director – Shanghai, China

Job Description

With over 1,000 staff, Virtuos is one of the largest and most recognized game developers. Since 2004, they have contributed to hundreds of games on all major platforms. They have worked with 15 of the top 20 game companies worldwide by contributing to many of their largest AAA, next-gen titles as well as shipping over 10 co-developed titles each year in recent years. 

We're now helping them to find a Technical Director to join their team in Shanghai, China! 


  • Report to Game Division Manager or Senior Technical Director directly
  • Project: Manage Lead Programmers and Team Leaders
  • Project: Communicate, Direct and Assist Art, Design, Sound, and QA to ensure everyone involved works within the Technical Design managed by you
  • Manage the SE department and ensure the optimum performance
  • Ensure the quality of Programming deliverables
  • Participant to recruitment and training of new talents; Involvement in the evaluation of SE staff
  • Manage communication with clients in terms of SE project progress and technique matters

What you'll need:

  • Advanced understanding of C++ and knows other programming languages like C#, Objective-C, LUA, Unreal Script or Python, OO Design/Programming (SOLID, Design Patterns), Memory and Performance, Algorithms and Data-Structures, Multi-Core and –Threading
  • Good knowledge of game development, development tools, game engines, offline data compilation, continues integration
  • Knowledge of the internals of middleware and how to use them is a plus; Unreal Engine 3, Havok Animation/Physics/Vision/AI, PhysX (APEX), FMOD, Scaleform, Xbox-Live, PSN, Phyre Engine, LUA, Face-FX
  • Able to see a project from a high-level as well as low-level and anything in-between. Can see risks, priorities and the complexity of elements in a project
  • Can write technical documentation
  • Manage training plan and conduct training
  • Project and staff management skills
  • Bachelor's degree in IT, computer science, software academy
  • Good reading and writing skills in English
  • Minimum 8 years of programming experience

If you'd like to find out more about the role and fancy the move to China then contact Rian Luke at or give us a call on 01709 834777.

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