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Job Description

Technical Director

London, UK

You'll be working with a leading developer and publisher of multiple iconic games franchises, with the most popular selling over 130 million units worldwide! Your new team is built of worldwide talent, and know how to develop successful titles. You'll be a key part of that as the Technical Director. 

You'll be joining the leadership team and become the technical stakeholder across a variety of games managed by the London studio. Work closely with project stakeholders and partner studios to define, own and approve technical aspects to deliver games on quality, time and budget while creating the best experiences for our customers.

This is a company with a range of great IPs & projects to work on, all in a fantastic working environment.

Key Deliverables

Work with game stakeholders, technical stakeholders and development teams to:

  • Set clear goals and build plans to deliver the relevant and applicable internal/external technology, which fulfils the requirements to play, support and operate the games.
  • Work with partner studios to have sufficient planning surrounding technical staff, solutions, resources, cost and scheduling to support the games vision.
  • Ensure games have adequate pipeline, benchmarking and performance analysis tools, which allow you to review code efficiently.
  • Ensure platform compliance and identifying platform specific features, which will add value to the games.
  • Clearly document technical roadmaps, backlogs, milestones and planning to deliver our technical needs on time and to budget. Ensure that this documentation is publicised, visible and self-explanatory.
  • Ensure all technical contributors are working to best practice and high standards. This should include reviewing and developing the appropriate infrastructure and pipelines which will deliver our needs.
  • Maintain a positive and productive relationship with our development partners. This means working to build an honest and respectful relationship with them, providing meaningful feedback to their performance and ensuring that they understand our development priorities.

Be responsible for

  • Assisting with evaluating potential new projects and development partners.
  • Conducting technical due diligence on potential partner studios and outsource companies.
  • Be the technical contact for first parties like Sony, Microsoft, and Valve etc.
  • Contributing technical elements to Green Light presentations.
  • Designing, managing and validating middleware solutions, project wrap up kits, source code deliverables, security standards and escrow solutions.
  • Develop and foster relationships with middleware and hardware partners to make solid recommendations on which products each game should be using.
  • Representing the London Studio and promote knowledge sharing within the group of studios, this will involve getting to know your peers at Partner studios.

Key Stakeholders
Head of Studio, Art Director, Design Director, Producers, Designers, Development studios, First parties, Internal development resources, Peers at internal studios.


  • Must have extensive hands on video game programming experience.
  • Must have been a lead programmer on a recent multiplatform title.
  • Understanding of best practice development and the different phases associated with game production (concept, pre-production, production etc.)
  • Excellent understanding of efficient development pipelines and workflows for art and animation.
  • Had good exposure to tools and engine development.
  • C++ programming and multiplatform development.
  • Must understand how to prototype and prove out gameplay in an iterative development plan.


  • Ideally would have been a lead programmer on a XB1 or PS4 game.
  • Hands on experience with Unreal and other middleware engine solutions.
  • Worked on or have an understanding of open world games.
  • Worked on a multiplayer game.
  • Game2Web or Web2Game experience.
  • Understanding of how to collect and use game metrics to improve the gameplay experience.
  • Understanding of different methods to test the game for performance, quality and stability.

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