Senior Rendering Engineer – Vancouver, CA

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Job Description

Senior Rendering Engineer

EA – Vancouver, CA

This is a fantastic opportunity to join the Frostbite rendering team!

Frostbite is EA’s state of the art multi-platform game development engine, empowering game creators to shape the future of gaming!

You will work directly on the render hardware abstraction layer of the Frostbite engine, developing the rendering backends for current and future platforms. The team itself is currently split between Orlando and Vancouver. You'll be working closely with your new “customers” and other rendering engineers to ensure consistent performance and quality across supported platforms.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to contribute to the success of some of the industry’s biggest titles.

Your day-to-day will involve the following tasks:

  • Develop and maintain the cross-platform graphics hardware abstraction layer for the Frostbite Engine
  • Create and maintain tools to ensure high quality experience for render engineers using Frostbite
  • Work closely with game team engineers and the Frostbite rendering team to enable/deliver new rendering features
  • Define and drive low level performance profiling and optimisation initiatives on multiple platforms

The skills and XP you'll need to succeed:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Maths or other related field
  • Strong C++ knowledge with at least 6+ years of professional programming experience in real-time rendering
  • Experience working in rendering for multiple shipped titles on current-generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  • Knowledgeable of modern CPU/GPU hardware architecture
  • Significant experience using low-level graphics API (DX11/12, Vulkan, console, etc)
  • Significant experience with graphics debugging tools (Pix, Renderdoc etc)
  • Deep understanding of memory management and multi-threading with related debugging and optimisation experience

The following will earn your application BONUS POINTS:

  • Professional experience working on device drivers
  • A history of developing graphics debugging tools, utilities, and visualisers
  • Ability to develop shaders in HLSL or GLSL
  • Test-driven development experience
  • Significant experience using source control systems (p4, git) in large code bases
  • Attention to detail with respect to correctness and testability, beyond what is normally expected of code that might ship in one game
  • A drive to continuously improve development processes and productivity

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