Senior (Lead) Artist – Guildford, UK

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Job Description

Senior or Lead Artist 


Absolutely Games – Guildford, UK

Absolutely Games are growing an exciting new strategy games studio based in Guildford (UK) and are looking for a Senior Artist with the skills and capability to move up to a Lead Artist role in the next 12 months.

Their new title has incredible prospects and will build to be a pillar franchise with support of their world-renowned publishing partner. Your job will be to create high fidelity art and manage the Art team, in close collaboration with other disciplines’ Leads.

You'll need to be a talented, experienced Senior/Lead Artist in order to be part of building a high-fidelity strategy game on PC and consoles. As a big part of a small team of highly creative individuals, you will get to do a lot of different types of work

Your role and responsibilities will include…

  • Liaison with the CEO, CTO and Lead Designer to understand the work needed, and distributing it across the Art team
  • Fleshing out realistic, engaging visuals from briefs created by the Design team
  • Managing the Art Team: scheduling work, following up, critiquing, and troubleshooting
  • Encouraging and maintaining best practices in the art pipeline, and reviewing work accordingly, to keep the art optimised and ensure best rendering performance, as well as maintaining a high quality bar and visual fidelity
  • Overseeing outsourcers: identifying assets needed, briefing outsourcers, and review their work
  • Documenting the art pipeline, to communicate it to the team and the publisher

The skills and experience you'll need…

  • A proven track record of previous contributions to successful titles, including several games developed with Unity
  • Comprehensive technical knowledge of Unity's art pipeline
  • Demonstrable ability to work within constraints of the engine and target platform
  • Capable at defining good working practices and pipelines for other team members to follow
  • An aptness for defining texture, polygon and other rendering budgets
  • Strong communication skills with other disciplines, include code and design
  • Ability to optimise existing art, both internal and from third party sources
  • Credits on a shipped games on console
  • Excellent modelling skillset
  • Expertise with high-fidelity, realistic graphics to fit the project's art style and the standards of high-end PCs and consoles

The type of person you'll be…

  • Fast and efficient work ethic
  • Dependable, creative and resourceful
  • Trouble-shooter, self-motivated
  • Knowledge of Maya/Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unity
  • Team player, will be asked to help on multiple fronts
  • A good artistic eye for quality and realism
  • Attention to detail
  • Must already be fully eligible to work in the UK

Want to learn more about this studio and project?

Call Jordan on +441709 834 777 or email


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