Senior / Mid Technical Rigger – Edinburgh, UK

Job Description

Senior / Mid Technical Rigger

Edinburgh, UK

Do you want to be part of something huge? 

This is your chance to work on one of the biggest and best kept secrets in the industry. Very little information on this project has been released so far, but I can tell you it's an ambitious AAA open world project with an eyebrow raising twist.

The project is backed by seriously talented and experienced industry veterans and you will be joining a highly skilled team working with a large budget. The studio is currently expanding it's technical and animation capabilities and defining pipelines so you're joining at the ideal time as they ramp up for the AAA project.

To become the Senior Technical Rigger you will need to understand animation production and be comfortable leading the creation of all kinds of rigs. You will work with animators to provide solutions that produce high-end content in an efficient and timely way, and help define animation workflow and pipelines.

You responsibilities will include:

  • Skin, build, test and maintain rigs for characters, facial, creatures, vehicles, soft props & mechanical props.
  • Write support tools & scripts to support the animation pipeline using rigs.
  • Work closely with the Lead Animator, Cinematic Director & Character team to ensure assets are completed in line with quality & technical requirements.
  • Creation & maintenance of technical documentation.

Do you have the following skills & experience?

  • 3+ years experience rigging and skinning characters.
  • Strong understanding of animation pipelines & workflows.
  • Excellent knowledge of Maya and Motion Builder.
  • Strong knowledge of character deformations and topology.

Proficient Python or Mel development skills are a big advantage for this position.

The studio is based in Edinburgh, a cultural capital city, steeped in history with a fantastic arts scene. It's got everything you need and more, including it's famous castle and some of the best nightlife in the UK.

If you are interested in this role let me know!
Contact me +44 (0)1709 834 777 or by email me

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