Senior Graphics Programmer – Manchester, UK

Job Description

Senior Graphics Programmer

Nequinox Studios – Manchester, UK 

This studio's goal is to facilitate clients through technology, experience, and a drive to make great games!

They're building a network of professionals who are both game players and game makers, delivering industry leading services, tools, a supporting website, and even advice to help make a video game shine…and they're having fun whilst they do it!

This is a great opportunity to join a dynamic new studio with a focus on technical excellence and exciting projects, who create great games efficiently with best-in-class technology. To join a company at the foundation level, to help build a centre of technical excellence in the games industry, and to have a recognised contribution to the studio you work for…you can find all of this here. As the Senior Graphics Programmer, you will be working on their in-house tech/project, as well as contracts as and when required.

Your day-to-day will include:

  • Taking ownership of the engineering side of AAA game rendering. From framerate, delivering visual aesthetic, smoothing out glitches, and the correction of errors related to any part of the graphics pipeline
  • Working directly with the art and level design team to push the engine to its limits, whilst maintaining framerate
  • Innovating creative tools and processes, and maintaining existing core technologies
  • Writing clear, maintainable, portable, and highly functional code
  • Mentoring and guiding less experienced programmers as needed
  • Studying the latest papers in the field and disseminating information to the rest of the team

The skills and XP you'll need to succeed:

  • UE4 rendering and graphics expertise
  • 5+ Years C++ experience
  • Skills in real-time game content pipeline and tools
  • Strong graphics programming skills, with a background in rendering, shader algorithms, linear algebra, trigonometry, and calculus
  • Ability to debug, profile, and analyse profiling data and perform GPU optimisation
  • Proficient with writing vertex, pixel, and compute shaders using HLSL or equivalent
  • DirectX 12 experience – bindless textures etc.
  • Experience with HDR, PBR, and both forward+ and deferred rendering
  • Bachelors or higher degree in Computer Science (or related Technical Degree)
  • Experience with multi-threading and optimisation

The following skills would earn you BONUS POINTS:

  • Cg, MEL, Python, GLSL and/or C#
  • DirectCompute and/or DirectX ray tracing
  • Familiar with node-based material graphs
  • Experience developing for a wide range of PC hardware and console platforms

Are you Interested in this role? Of course you are! 

Contact Jordan on +44 (0)1709 834777 or email

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