Senior Game Programmer – Guildford, UK

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Job Description

Do you have a passion for creating high-end end VR experiences? Love the feeling you get knowing you've been part of a huge hit title? The studio is carving a unique and exciting path in the games industry and are looking for a Game Systems Programmer to join them on their journey!

You’d be joining a small team who create big games, which means you’ll be playing a full and active role while having a huge impact on the final game!

Your talent will be celebrated and nurtured and your new employer will work on constantly improving tools and workflow so you can focus on creativity. They’ve already harnessed Unreal Engine 4 and built a suite of powerful, world-class systems on top of it. Now they need you to help them take this further.


Here’s what you’ll be doing:

You’ll be engineering brand new features, from basic prototypes through to robust, reusable systems that underpin all of the upcoming games. You’ll also be crafting realistic and expressive characters, innovative game mechanics and smooth, responsive control systems for our stable of AAA projects.


Do you have the skills you'll need?

· Expert in C++ – you’ve worked in the games industry with C++ for 5+ years, and contributed to shipped games on PC, console or mobile.

· Leadership – you are comfortable taking responsibility for understanding the technical requirements for the game and co-ordinating the programming effort in order to meet them.

· Great Communicator – you can talk about your work. You’ll be as comfortable specifying a task with designers and collaborating on a shared codebase with engineers as you are taking feedback from directors and producers.

· Practical – sometimes a rapid prototype is needed to quickly test an idea. Other times a mission-critical system needs detailed planning and consultation.  You have an instinct for what level of engineering is needed, and you can work efficiently at any level.


We’d be super impressed if you have these skills!

· Wide Range of Experience.  Knowledge of multiple game systems and their potential advantages and pitfalls.  Experience with at least one game engine and associated tools.

· Experience with Virtual or Augmented Reality.  How to work with motion controllers and headsets as well as an awareness of how VR changes traditional game mechanics and UI principles.  Ideas for maximising the benefits of VR, without being hampered by the constraints.

· Knowledge of animation systems.  Using blend trees, state machines and procedural systems to create believable human performances in software.

Interested? Get in touch! – / 44 (0) 01709 8347770

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