Senior Game Designer (UK Remote) – London, UK

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Job Description

Senior Game Designer (UK Remote)


Reality Gaming Group – London, UK

The Reality Gaming Group studio is looking for an exceptional and accomplished Game Designer already at or striving for senior level experience, to join the team and help deliver ground-breaking games to millions of players around the world. The successful candidate will assist RGG in releasing ‘Doctor Who: Worlds Apart’, a new CCG where players have true ownership of their personal game content.

The Reality Gaming Group (RGG) are right at the fore front of modern technology in the gaming industry as part of the digital owner revolution. They're a developer and publisher of new gaming experiences and collectibles that utilise NFT and blockchain technologies. They are seeking to digitalise the experience of the excitement of buying trading playing cards and the aura of mystery of what characters you will reveal!

As a Senior Game Designer, you will…

  • Work with the Studio Director to ensure design processes are followed and are optimised for products and teams
  • Be able to confidently collaborate with various stakeholders, product owners and any development disciplines to create and optimise engaging player experiences
  • Own and drive forward the design of the game(s) by defining each feature and system with clearly defined goals and pillars
  • Be able to complete competitor analysis on a wide range of game genre’s such as feature/content breakdowns as well as more detailed mechanics/player motivation analysis
  • Design core gameplay mechanics as well as meta-system
  • Guided by experience, intuition, and mathematics, find the harmony at the intersection of several systems as they pertain to the overall game experience
  • Be comfortable using KPI Benchmarks and data driven design methodologies where it makes sense to do so
  • Work with data analysts and engineers to identify the analytics and reporting approach for each feature
  • Have a high standard of communication when transitioning initial high-level designs to detailed system specifications that capture both player and live service needs
  • Collaborate with all team disciplines and live service managers to identify tooling to help deliver game features and/or centralised development tools
  • Prioritise tasks, meet deadlines, and communicate in a professional manner
  • Quality check and debug work regularly 
  • Be the champion of the creative vision
  • Design from player perspective and act as a player advocate to ensure the highest level of usability, playability, and balance
  • Work closely with the art, production, and engineering teams to deliver the highest quality player experience
  • Work freely or within strategic boundaries to develop new game/player experience concepts
  • Identify where it makes sense to innovate on gameplay/features and where it does not
  • Validate your designs by organising and supporting play tests from paper prototyping to public play tests of various kinds
  • Proactively communicate design information and updates to the team and stakeholders
  • Identify/Track design risks and issues and provide mitigations and solutions
  • Understand the player journey through the game and identify best approaches for player onboarding for features and as well as the overall FTUE

For this role, you will need…

  • 3+ years games industry experience
  • At least 2 released titles being credited as an experienced or higher game designer
  • Proven design skills having provided meaningful input to a minimum of 2 shipped titles in a design role
  • In-Depth knowledge of game design methodologies
  • Have a live service attitude towards game/player experience design
  • To enjoy working with people and helping to find solutions to issues collaboratively
  • Excellent verbal and written communication with a keen eye for detail
  • Be able to convey complex subjects of game design in a way that non studio staff can digest and understand
  • Ability to create detailed specifications sufficient for engineering and art requirements
  • Ability to design systems with flexibility and anticipate iterations
  • To support and understand free-to-play and play-to-earn business models
  • Enjoy a wide spectrum of games covering many genres
  • Remain cool, calm and collected when faced with issues
  • Be interested in player psychology and behavioural economics
  • Passion for games

Bonus points if you have…

  • Free-to-play or play-to-earn game experience
  • Monetisation / Service design experience
  • Interest in blockchain technologies such as NFTs
  • A history designing for iOS & Android platforms as well as desktop applications and web-based games
  • Experience of content creation and variable balancing
  • A background of Unity development and proficient at using game design tools
  • Qualifications in game design

Interested? Want to know more?

Get in touch with Lawrie on +44 (0)1709 834 777 or email now!

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