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Product Manager

London, UK

So you’ve been working in a Product / Live Ops / Games Analytics role for years, but you’ve been feeling like things are going through the motions a tad… the same old IP, endless live ops without the chance to add your creative spark, and a culture that doesn’t exactly scream work / life balance!

Luckily that’s all about to change with your new Product Manager role at this London developer!

These guys & gals are a dynamic games studio on a mission to build a portfolio of games that offer authentic automotive themes on top of proven and popular mobile models – so they widen their appeal beyond motorsport fans to anyone who likes great games. They build games that acquire and retain in a way that allows them to grow and service them for years…. That’s where you come in!

Reporting directly to the Game Director, they are looking for someone who is passionate about getting stuff done, but not precious if every idea of theirs doesn’t make it into the next update.

They are collaborative, friendly, value a true work / life balance, have a great pub / social culture within the studio, and even let people work from home 2 days per week!

In return, you’ll bring your experience of virtual goods-based business models and strong monetisation intuition to develop new features and systems for their mobile titles that will improve monetisation, engagement, retention and virality.

In terms of your experience, its time to see if you can tick away most / all the following traits before we take things to the next level:

  • You have experience of working on a successful mobile F2P title game in the role of Product Manager or Senior Analyst.
  • Your experience of working in live operations event settings is as good as they come.
  • You have a strong design mentality & intuition for game mechanics and the appeal of different game types.
  • Your quantitative analysis skills are Jedi-like and you command the ability to refine hypotheses/models by digging into user data & iteratively improving metrics.
  • Your ability to write clear & concise specs for new features is practically Shakespearean.
  • Through your previous experience you have garnered the expertise & ability to understand & think creatively about the most engaging & profitable game mechanics and themes.
  • At your core you’re hands-on and impact-driven, you focus on results & the desire to make the best games possible.

So, I’ve found you your perfect job at a truly excellent London developer… the next step is for you to get in touch with me so we can make sure you beat the rush!

Drop me a mail to and we’ll take things from there!

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