Producer (NHL) – EA Sports – Bucharest

Job Description

Producer (NHL) – EA Sports – Bucharest

If you’re an experienced games producer and would like to join the roster of one of EA’s newest teams, there’s no need for you to be able to nail a triple-deke to score this role… although that would buy you some definite kudos!

EA Sports Bucharest are starting up a brand-new NHL console team and are looking to recruit at least 10 passionate developers in the next 6 months to deliver a best-in-class game for this exciting franchise!

What the NHL Producer does at EA:

As the Producer on NHL, you will use your understanding and passion for the sport of hockey to add to the creative executive and business success of this exciting new team.

Positive working relationships with partners are just as critical within EA as they are within a great defensive line, so you’ll spend 2-4 weeks a year (and visa-versa) over in Vancouver during development to get to know the team you will be working with on the NHL franchise.

To succeed and become a key player in their roster you’ll require strong NHL product knowledge, people-skills, decision-making and problem-solving abilities. You need to drive team culture by initiating, fostering, maintaining, and managing others towards.

Who you are:

  • You’re an experienced Producer or Designer with a minimum of 4 years of experience working with internal teams within the games industry and creating top quality products
  • Ideally, you’ll have experience across multiple areas of games development (UX, Gameplay, Online, Modes, etc) so you can wear many hats (or helmets) within a growing team
  • You’re analytically minded, getting the data you need to support your ideas and drive your decisions
  • It goes without saying that you’re a passionate gamer who plays regularly and likes to share your gaming experiences with others.
  • As a master of influence, you’re used to helping others understand and become passionate about what is required to build great features
  • You’re results oriented, able to easily distil down to what is most important, and create plans for removing obstacles and distractions
  • A skilled mediator and resolver of conflicts, you will be able to help people and teams with opposing points of view come together and align on objectives and solutions
  • Constantly out on the floor engaging with various members of the team to understand what is working, what is of concern, and what needs to be improved
  • Just like a great captain you’ll be a great communicator, both directly with the team building features and content, but also upward to leadership about status, risks, and challenges

If this sounds just the team you want to join, then drop me a line and we can discuss the next steps.

You can contact me at or on +44 (0)1709 834777.

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