Physics Programmer – Birmingham, UK

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Job Description

Physics Programmer 


Codemasters – Birmingham, United Kingdom


Codemasters are currently looking for a Physics Programmer and you would be hard pressed to find a studio that is more focussed on accurate, real-world physics than Codemasters. They have been making iconic games for over 30 years and in that time, have become the world’s leading developer of AAA racing games such as DiRT and Grid as well as being the official home of the Formula One franchise. What they create aren’t just games, they are industry leading simulations and having recently joined the EA family, they are only going to get better and better.

There player base demands realism in the handling of vehicles, how they react to environmental conditions and of course, how they crash!

You would be responsible for the full simulation of physical bodies within the game world, particularly high-performance vehicles. This includes modelling of complex vehicle drive trains, tyre friction, aerodynamics, rigid body dynamics, collision detection, surface deformation and fracture etc. You would work extremely closely with the vehicle handling team to produce accurate simulations of vehicle characteristics.


The skills and experience you'll need…

  • Strong C++ knowledge
  • Previously professional development on completed game projects
  • Expertise with debugging and profiling tools rigid body dynamics, forward and inverse kinematics
  • An in-depth knowledge of collision detection

Bonus points if you have…

  • A degree in a relevant subject (particularly Maths or Physics)
  • Experience with friction modelling
  • A background with dynamics solvers (LCP, MCP, impulse based)
  • Vehicle dynamics

Just some of the benefits Codemasters offer include…

  • Flexible working hours designed to fit around your life
  • Annual bonus scheme, private health and dental plans, employee discounted share scheme, new console allowance and much more!
  • Dedicated training time for self-improvement
  • 10 free games per year
  • State of the art working environment
  • Incredible peer community of top-flight programmers in the games industry

If you are interested in hearing more about this role or would like to apply, contact Phil at Aardvark Swift at 01709 834777 or email

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