Online Programmer – Chatham, UK

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Job Description

Online Programmer

Splash Damage – Kent, UK

This is a great opportunity to join a team dedicated to crafting team-based multiplayer games that ignite friendships as much as they do healthy competition and teamwork.

Splash Damage celebrated the launch of Gears Tactics in 2020, and are currently developing Outcasters for Stadia (along with several unannounced titles).

As an Unreal Engine focused studio, they're excited to be transitioning their teams to the latest in UE5 technology, and are looking for skilled and passionate developers to help drive this. They're advocates for work-life balance and offer a comprehensive benefits package focused on the well-being of their staff and their families.

Members of the online programming team at Splash Damage are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining systems to support their award winning live-service multiplayer games.

You will work closely with the design, UI, and online services teams to craft client-side support for external services and APIs, such as matchmaking, VOIP, profile, and social interaction systems. You will also be responsible for creating and maintaining client-side support for analytics and telemetry, working in partnership with the product and player insights team. In addition, you'll also collaborate closely with the gameplay and design teams to seamlessly connect game features with external services.

You should excel at the following…

  • Taking ownership of features and autonomously driving them to completion
  • Working effectively in open and collaborative environments
  • Employing a can-do attitude to solve difficult problems as part of an agile, fast-moving, and highly-focused team
  • Ensuring that games are robust and error-tolerant, aiming to provide the best possible player experience at all times

The skills and XP you'll need to succeed:

  • Strong practical knowledge of C++, with relevant professional experience
  • Demonstrable experience interacting with external APIs and services within a large and robust system
  • Professional skills in integrating external APIs with game clients, including Xbox Live and/or PSN
  • Professional Unreal Engine development experience
  • The ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical team members alike
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to self-organise
  • The people skills to work collaboratively within a team

The following will earn you BONUS POINTS:

  • Experience in developing supporting systems for online games such as VOIP, profile services, matchmaking, social interaction systems, and telemetry
  • A history of working closely with design teams to elicit requirements and design supporting systems
  • Experience working in all phases of game development, from feature design and implementation to bug-fixing
  • Confident with developing and working with asynchronous systems

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