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Lead Artist

CCP London

If you're an established artist that's looking to head up a pioneering MMO, this could be just the role for you! You would be joining a very well known, successful studio and leading their art team as they embark into the F2P mobile space, developing a highly anticipated title for one of the worlds most passionate gaming communities.

As Lead Artist you will build, inspire and manage a creative team of 2D, 3D and UX/UI Artists to deliver a pioneering mobile MMO with an engaging and enduring online world. Responsible for the overall art direction of the project, the role requires a strong understanding of game development processes to ensure that the visual style is suitable for the target audience and of a quality level representative of this well known brand.

If you'd enjoy mixing both creative and technical challenges while acting as a champion for mobile development, you could be the perfect candidate!

We are looking for:

  • An experienced artist with a wide appreciation of art fundamentals and their application to 2D, 3D, VFX, animation and user interface artwork. Candidates should be comfortable working in a range of styles and producing artwork for a variety of purposes, including concepting and marketing. This role requires a strong sense of what makes a game visually appealing to an audience and the ability to translate that to high-quality assets via effective workflows and pipelines.
  • A pragmatic organiser accustomed to the full sprint lifecycle with experience establishing roadmaps, evaluating time estimates and supervising the consistency of artwork throughout the product. The creation of style guides and verifying that all implemented artwork remains faithful to them is a key component of this role. Candidates should be passionate about games-as-a-service as well as understanding how to improve the visual impact of games by getting the most out of technology.
  • A strong leader who will drive a high bar of excellence for their team by establishing visual quality standards and fostering a creative working environment sensitive to existing brand guidelines. Candidates will be skilled in mentoring team members by evaluating their artistic skills, delegating tasks and setting expectations to develop their talent over the long term.
  • An accessible collaborator who can work closely with leads from cross-functional disciplines (design, engineering, production) to define and deliver the product vision. The Lead Artist will ensure that style guides and project progress can be clearly communicated to internal and external stakeholders while maintaining strong relationships with outsourcing partners and industry peers.

Requirements: –

  • Held a senior role for the full development life cycle of at least one live mobile title
  • A comprehensive portfolio containing a variety of different styles and techniques
  • Expertise in Photoshop, Maya and Illustrator or similar asset creation tools
  • Experience establishing Unity art pipelines and source control practices
  • Comfortable incorporating reference artwork into style guides and animatics via mood boards

Highly Desirable: –

  • A high level of proficiency with animation tools such as Houdini, Anima2D or Spline
  • Familiarity with VFX, animation, asset rigging, in-game lighting and environment art
  • Experience creating briefs for outsourced artwork and validating incoming asset quality

Interested? Get in touch! – Max@aswift.com // +44 (0) 1709 834 777

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