Graphics Programmer – Orlando, US

Job Description

Graphics Programmer

Orlando, US

How do you fancy being a critical component of the game creation process for the world's largest publisher?

You could help push their game into the next visual level! You will help maintain a broad view of the game and engine rendering code, being mindful of how industrial advancements can be brought to players.

Day-to-day challenges will include..

  • Collaborate with design and art to provide feedback and then create clear and estimable technical designs
  • Deliver creative, tested, and high-quality technical implementations that meet design and art requirements
  • Be aware of how technical implementation impacts performance and memory budgets
  • Actively looks for ways to increase team efficiency, especially artists, through tooling or workflow enhancements
  • Contribute to core technologies in an architecturally sound way to enable collaborative development efforts

The skills and XP you'll need…

  • Passion for the development craft and able to demonstrate knowledge in one or more of the following rendering areas: lighting, shadows, mesh processing, low-level graphics API, GPGPU, animation/deformation, particles/VFX, and/or shader experience
  • General understanding of the 3D scene construction, graphics pipeline, and graphics debugging
  • Strong 3D maths skills, especially linear algebra
  • Understanding of C++ language, best practices, and architectural considerations
  • General understanding of parallel programming, resource management, and GPU considerations

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