Game Programmer (C# / Unity) – Guildford, UK

Job Description

Game Programmer

Guildford, UK

This is your opportunity to join of BAFTA nominated devs in a highly influential role at a small and rapidly growing studio.

As a Game Developer  you will be responsible for planning and implementing game features and tools as well as helping the production team to bring game concepts to life.

You will be passionate about games and understand how to leverage technology to make the “magic” happen. You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of hardware and system limitations, and be prepared to think laterally about how to achieve industry-leading gameplay and visuals.

Being part of a multi-discipline team they’ll also expect you to keep abreast of technologies outside your area, and encourage you to share your own expertise and passions with the rest of the team


  • Shipped at least 1 title with Unity, and at least 2 shipped commercial games.
  • Excellent knowledge of C#, with a clear understanding of OOP and coding best practices
  • A clear understanding of the particular challenges in game development, such as art workflow, performance optimisations, memory management and supporting multiple platforms.
  • Experience using source control systems such as SVN, Git & Perforce.

Desirable Experience

  • Experience in other programming languages such as C and / or C++
  • Experience with non-Unity game engines (UE4 etc.)
  • Experience with mobile SDKs (Android & iOS) and frameworks (e.g. 2DToolkit)
  • Understanding of client / server communication and data serialisation.
  • Understanding of 2D and 3D animation principles.
  • Familiar with data-orientated design.
  • Experience with build scripts and systems i.e. Jenkins, Team City, Ant, Make etc…
  • Skills in scripting languages (JavaScript, Python).
  • Experience with UGUI
  • Experience using and scripting common art and 3D software packages (Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender…) is a plus.
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