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Our client aren't your typical developer. Over 30 years in the game-making business, every moment has been dedicated to kicking out one beloved title after another. They’ve tried all manner of new things in that time, but if there's one thing they’ve truly come to believe, it's the importance of having fun every single day and infusing it into everything they create.

They're looking for a CRM specialist to help them create a world-class email communications programme for their latest game. The ideal candidate will have built successful mail campaigns previously, and will have developed a keen understanding of what kind of messaging works for specific audiences.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Leading email design. You should have a pin-sharp understanding of what makes a mail “work,” from the images our client use to the copy they include, and you’ll work with their marketing art and copy teams to produce the assets you need for world-class communications.
  • Serving as the tactical owner for their email operations. You will manage the roadmap of email campaigns and build a robust programme of automatic emails targeting acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • Supporting their business needs. Email and CRM encompasses requirements from across the business. You’ll work with stakeholders from various groups to build a comprehensive email and CRM programme.
  • Content ownership – our client has talented marketing art and copy teams, but they need you to build and drive content requirements to build their mails.
  • Ensuring capability and compliance. You’ll work with a central team to hone an expertise with the tool, and drive new requirements into it. You’ll also connect with their legal and privacy teams to ensure they’re doing right by their customers every step of the way.
  • Engineering partnership. You will be working directly with an email-dedicated engineer to deliver their campaigns. You should have enough technical knowledge to be able to contribute meaningfully to these conversations.
  • Driving execution. From initial conception to final distribution, every email our client send should reflect your application of best-practices, healthy process, and rigorous testing.
  • Review and report. Once a campaign is finished, you will collect data from said campaign, review any learnings present, and report this out to the business. Your findings should influence future campaigns and emails.

Required skills and experience:

  • Professional experience building mail campaigns, specifically with an emphasis on individual mail design (images, copy, embedded features, etc.)
  • An demonstrable understanding of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement to retention.
  • Experience creating customer segmentations.
  • Experience building or working with customer segments, specifically creating or altering communications to target a specific segment of an audience for a specific outcome.
  • Experience working across teams, or working with a cross-discipline team.
  • Experience in a production or programme management role preferred. 
  • Familiarity with HTML a plus

For more information about this excellent role contact Brendon Smith-Westergaard on +44 (0)1709 834777 or email

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