Cinematic Game Designer – Guildford, UK

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Job Description

Cinematic Game Designer 


Supermassive Games – Guildford, UK

Supermassive Games are looking for a Cinematic Game Designer to join their team to help craft their latest branching narrative games.

This role is part of a team responsible for creating compelling scenes, interactions and building cinematic sequences to clear specifications, with excellent pacing, using propriety tools, logic controls and animation data.

You’ll need to be confident around Unreal Engine and have some familiarity with scripting languages and visual programming tools.

The position is in-house at Supermassive Games in Guildford

Your role and responsibilities will include…

  • Creating the moment-to-moment flow and logic for branching narratives
  • Blocking out gameplay in white-box levels
  • Translating prototypes into game-ready logic and iterate them to quality
  • Scripting cinematic sequences, integrating animation data, instantiate cameras and other game elements and interactions


The skills and experience you'll need…

  • An expertise with Unreal with proficiency in the various Unreal tools, including those for level building, creation of cinematic sequences and scripting languages
  • A collaborative approach to game making
  • The ability to balance and adjust game content based on feedback
  • A logical approach and solid problem solving skills
  • A basic knowledge of cinematography and editing
  • Quick to adapt to proprietary software, workflows, pipelines and tools
  • A great portfolio of game work that speaks to the key requirements
  • At least one year of professional development in a design team, working on a published game
  • Previous game or film background working on sequences and cutscenes
  • A passion for making games driven by narrative
  • A background staging action-oriented and dramatic sequences
  • The desire and knowledge to push for quality in collaboration with your team


You'll also need to be…

  • An excellent communicator with a proactive approach when seeking answers
  • Flexible and open-minded
  • Determined and self-motivated
  • Prepared to rise to a challenge
  • Obsessed with quality
  • Team-focussed
  • Self-motivated team player
  • Proficient at technical problem solving

Interested? To apply for this role or to learn more…

Email or call +44 (0)1709 834777.

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