Backend Server Software Engineer – Dundee, Scotland

Job Description

Backend Server Software Engineer

Dundee, Scotland

The birthplace of Lemmings and GTA, Dundee is home to over 40 game development studios, as well as one of the world's top universities for games study. What a place to make your next move! Aside from being steeped in games history, the great views and culture of Dundee make it the perfect place to live.

I'm looking for a Server Engineer to join one of Dundee's renowned  games studios, helping to support their social games across multiple platforms.

When you get there, you’ll enjoy benefits like 30 days holiday entitlement, a generous company pension and share options after six months at your new studio… Sounds great, doesn't it?

Here's a taste of what you'll be doing…

  • Design and implement large, distributed and scalable services for a live game, delivering dynamic social gaming functionality for multiple platforms.

  • Write secure server code for supporting a live game, develop new features and create robust high-volume production solutions.

  • Assist in the construction of platforms, systems and networking infrastructure using your strong background in distributed systems, OS/kernel, network system design, and large-scale storage systems.

  • Planning and reporting project milestones and timescales on a continuous basis to all those involved.

  • Respond to QA and technical issues in a timely and professional manner.

The skills that you will need…

  • Expert familiarity with all of the following: Linux, NodeJS, Postgres and Redis.
  • Backend web development experience.

  • Experience with version control systems including Git a must.

  • Good understanding of backend infrastructure and running servers at scale.

Cool Extras

  • Comfortable with asynchronous network programming, server frameworks, distributed systems, fault tolerance and scalability.

  • Experience with networking and server technologies for scalability and redundancy.

  • Experience with Linux and core network services (DNS, SMTP, NTP, syslog, http servers).

  • Experience working with a variety of network and system monitoring tools: Nagios, Cacti, SNMP.

  • Experience managing and programming using cloud based services would be an advantage.

  • Experience in capacity planning would be an advantage.

Interested? Get in touch! – / 44 (0) 01709 8347770

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