Art Director – Guildford, UK

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Art Director


Supermassive Games – Guildford, UK


Supermassive Games are looking for a talented and experienced Art Director to play a key role in the development of a new title. You'll need to be a proactive person; someone who is looking to help achieve visual excellence, collaborate to define the artistic vision for this title and take on responsibilities across the art spectrum from formulating concepts to supervising production.

The primary responsibility of this role is to collaborate with the Creative Director and senior project team and direct and help the game team achieve the the visual quality and creative vision for the game.

The skills and experience you'll need…

  • Substantial track record as an artist in the games industry, with credits on several published titles
  • A background of directing art teams to a proven high level of quality
  • An in-depth understanding and practical experience of game creation from the practical skills of 3D modelling to the delivery of complex scenes and game worlds to AAA quality and an understanding of other key areas of the game art pipeline including production design and concept art, lighting, cinematography, VFX, UI and 2D design
  • Familiarity using Unreal Engine would be an advantage, but not a necessity
  • Knowledge of 

Your role and responsibilities will include… 

  • Collaborating with the Creative Director and senior team to devise the aims for visual quality and style of the game
  • Creating, and/or directing the creation of, materials that clearly convey style and quality as targets for internal and external stakeholders
  • Working with senior team members to develop and agree a visual style guide, or similar, as the bible for the creation of future materials
  • Considering and proposing new methods, techniques, and technologies to improve quality or efficiency in the production phase
  • Supporting the development effort in its creative aims without compromising its design, commercial and technical requirements
  • Briefing individuals on the team, with the assistance of other experts as required, on the aims for the materials that they and their teams will create, and how these will work visually and technically and mesh with other game components
  • Collaboration with senior team in the review of the game to determine the nature of any work or rework required to meet its quality goals
  • Participation in continuous review and feedback of the title under development with the team
  • Supporting, directing and contributing to the generation of marketing and PR materials

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email or +44 (0)1709 834777

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