Animation Programmer – All Levels – Stockholm, SE

Job Description

Animation Programmer

Stockholm, Sweden

Imagine waking up the beautiful city of Stockholm and working on a AAA studio's largest and most ambitious open world project to date.

Sounds great right?

As the new Animation Programmer you'll be tasked with increasing the animation quality to a level beyond what has been produced by the studio on previous projects. The studio will be taking on bleeding-edge technology to achieve this step up in quality, and you'll play a key part in their animation evolution.

You will develop and maintain the project's tools and runtime systems, and use your knowledge of the pros and cons associated with different approaches to produce new and efficient creative solutions to meet the projects vision for animation.

The role also includes architecting the interfaces between the animation system and AI, using and extending existing systems where possible and building new tools and features when needed.

Your role will see you assisting animators in translating game design into technical animation design, educating game programmers working with animation related features and aiding technical animators in implementing animations into the game. You will also join the engineers in developing and maintaining the studio's proprietary engine.

Much of the success of well executed game characters is down to how successfully they are integrated with all of the systems within the game engine. So if you see your responsibility as delivering a successful end-user experience rather than just handing off technological solutions to content creators then this is the ideal role for you!

Previous experience and proven ability to work with multiple systems and stakeholders is a definite advantage for this role. 

The essential skills and XP you'll need are…

Solid knowledge of game animation systems e.g. layering, masking, state machines, locomotion, facial animations, blending & parameterization.
Experience working with IK, ragdolls and / or other procedural techniques.
Fluent in linear algebra.
Able to write readable, robust & performant code in C/C++.

The extra experience that will help you land the role….

Networking animated characters
Motion synthesis/generation
Machine learning for animation
Working with game physics
Profiling and optimisation

You'd be mad to miss out on this role so get in touch with our programming team asap. / +44 (0)1709 8347770

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