Indie Recruitment Service

Recruiting top-notch people when you’re ready to take that next step as a studio can give you a real boost. However, finding the right permanent or contract staff at the right time is difficult, time-consuming, and requires certain skills and expertise.

We also understand that smaller studios may not always be able to spare the cash flow traditionally associated with external recruiters.

We want to help you grow. So we’ve devised our Indie “Level Up” Service, so you find those super talented programmers, artists and producers at a significantly lower cost.

So, how does it work?

  • Eligibilty: If you’re a games development studio of 20 members of staff or less, and you’re independently owned and financed, then you’re eligible for our Level Up service! All we ask in return is that you give us an exclusive period of one month to work on your vacancies.

  • Perks : The perks don’t just mean reduced fees either, we want to make things as easy as we can. Here’s a few ways we want to do that:

    Drastically reduced fees – you’ll get our introductory recruitment service at around half of our usual fee. If you’re a studio made up of 0-10 staff members, you’ll receive a discounted flat fee of 12.5% of your candidate’s annual salary. For studios with 11-20 staff members,  you’ll receive a discounted flat fee of 15% (usually 25%);

    Extended payment terms – we want to make payment as easy as possible for you, so we’re extending payment terms to six small installments over the course of six months; 

    Placement insurance – should the candidate leave for any reason within 6 months of starting, we’ll replace them free of charge.

    Please note that if your vacancy is what we refer to as a ‘Unicorn Hunt’, there may be further efforts required to find you that perfect candidate. We’ll happily advertise your vacancy far and wide and search through our extensive database at this level, but for more of a bespoke search our fees may need to be reviewed.

  • Get in touch: So, think you’re ready to take your indie studio to the next level? Get in contact with us!

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