Indie Recruitment Service

Recruiting the right people at the right time is crucial to ensuring sustainable growth for a business of any size, but we understand that smaller studios may not always be able to spare the finances traditionally associated with external recruiters who can find those golden candidates.

If you’re looking to bring on board the best of the best, but find recruitment agencies are often out of your reach, our very special Indie Service could be right up your alley! As part of our Indie Service, we promise to find you those super talented, yet often hard to find, developers at a significantly discounted rate that suits your needs to help you reach that potential we know you can achieve with just a little boost!

Games development studios of 20 members of staff or less, and who are independently owned and financed, could directly benefit from our Indie service simply by getting in contact and seeing what we can do for you!

Perks of our Indie service:

  • Drastically reduced fees – you’ll get our top level recruitment service at almost a third of our usual fee. We’ve lowered our rates to just 10% of the candidate’s salary for studios with less than 15 members of staff, and to 15% for studios with 20 or more members of staff (usually 25%);
  • Extended payment terms – we want to make payment as easy as possible for you, so we’re extending payment terms to six small installments over the course of six months;
  • Placement insurance – should the candidate leave for any reason within 6 months of starting, we’ll replace them free of charge;
  • An introduction to our publisher partner Keystone Games – we can help you discuss and land a publishing contract. Because of their charity status and connections, these guys can offer industry leading loyalty rates, free marketing support, and technical assistance from their talented team of developers.

Need a Publisher?

Built by veterans with a wealth of experience from studios like Microsoft and Atari, philanthropic publisher Keystone Games are interested in partnering up with indie studios. These guys have the experience and contacts to get your games pride of place on leading distribution platforms and in major retailers across 43 countries around the globe.

Even better, because a substantial amount of their profits go straight to the Over The Wall charity for children with life-limiting illnesses, Keystone games has a special relationship with some of the major industry platforms, giving you loyalty rates that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

So, think you’re ready to take your indie studio to the next level? Get in contact with us! 

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