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Every year, we come into contact with thousands of UK and European university students through our 'Get in the Game' careers tour, Search for a Star talent competitions and Grads In Games website. In other words, we get access to a pool of talented students who are all eager to start a career in the games and animation industries.

We maintain a database of students from Games Development, Games Art, Computer Science and Animation courses who are all interested in intern opportunities.

Our Grads In Games site can put you in touch with great candidates to fill your internship vacancies.

Why offer internships?

Even if you’re not looking to hire a graduate now, offering internships can help with the hiring process later on when you are in a position to add a graduate to your team! The benefits include:

  • Interns can make a meaningful impact on existing projects - they don't just make coffee
  • Fostering a positive brand image for your company
  • An opportunity to test-drive the talent and evaluate a student for potential future employment
  • A fresh view on current projects.

Please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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