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The fact that you're here means you're already one step closer towards bagging your dream games job after graduation. As the UK's leading recruiter for the games industry, we're in the best position to help you find your perfect role!

Curious how we can help you on your graduate journey towards video games? Get in touch with our team at or call +44 (0)1709 834777.

We also partner closely with Grads in Games, an award-winning initiative to help support students making the first steps into a games career and promote young people as the next generation of the games industry.

They run multiple activities and events throughout the year to educate and provide employability support for students and recent graduates, including:

Search For A Star & Rising Star

Annual game development challenges where students are tasked with creating a game or game asset & get their projects seen by games studios. Dev projects are based on an industry brief, cover a full workflow process, and students receive professional dev feedback on their work. (link)

The Get In The Game careers events and resources

A series of live events and recorded media providing detail into exactly what you need to succeed when starting your career in the games industry. Whether it's crafting the perfect portfolio or CV, or a primer on how to get started with networking at events, our talk sessions cover a range of areas to give you the help and support that will benefit you the most. (link)

Andy Driver, Operations Manager - Grads in Games

A lot has changed since we first started out with our grassroots work fifteen years ago. There was a time when the industry wasn’t as receptive to students. We’ve proven how strong a lot of these young developers are. We’ve taken a lot of students who would have been lost to the games industry and helped them break into a career they love. -- Ian Goodall - Managing Director

The video game industry is thriving at the moment, observing impressive jumps in revenue that have broken year-on-year records. With the demand for video game software, hardware, and accessories never higher, and with the next generation on the horizon, studios will still need talented, ambitious, and young developers to join them! Why would you want to risk missing out on that? -- Andy Driver - Operations Manager
  • The feedback I got [for my project] is possibly some of the best feedback I've gotten in my entire time at university.

    Sam Mayson

    Rising Star VFX Finalist
  • [Search for a Star] allows you to understand what you need to improve, what you need to do to be able to get into the industry, and also how to make your work industry standard.

    Chris Tuck

    Search for A Star Animation Finalist
  • I've learned about a lot of people through [Search for a Star] , I've got multiple interviews through this competition, and it's a really great opportunity.

    Timo Obst

    Search for a Star Programming Finalist
  • Everyone was really nice and amazing, offered feedback on the project I submitted for [Search for a Star] as well as for my current project that I'm working on now for my final year.

    Emily Harrison

    Search for a Star Character Art Finalist
  • Being part of [Search for a Star] and having people look at my work definitely opened up opportunities, and I got a job opportunity shortly after.

    Steinar Holland

    Search for a Star VFX Finalist
  • Recruiters at Aardvark Swift were the first people to really recognise my worth. They built up my confidence and together we overcame the anxieties I had about getting my first job. Aardvark don't just throw great opportunities at you - they really do work with you to ensure that your greatest qualities are presented to employers in the best way possible. Thank you!

    Ashley Smith

    Junior Programmer at Deep Silver Dambuster
  • Aardvark have been amazing! Not only have they found me a fantastic position, they have maintained excellent contact and listened to my needs whilst doing it. I have found them to be friendly, caring, and attentive. I most definitely recommend them.

    Leroy Noel

    Junior VFX Artist at Frontier
  • Aardvark Swift helped me a lot! Looking for my first games job after uni, I didn’t really know what I should be looking for or how, but they found me a position that really suited me. They supported me at every step along the way!

    Becca Marshall

    Junior Technical Artist at d3t
  • Aardvark went above and beyond with helping me get an industry job. From CV and portfolio feedback, to helping me set up interviews and preparing for them. Aardvark has been an incredible help on my journey. I have and will recommend them to anyone looking for industry work!

    Samir Benounis

    Junior Environment Artist at Deep Silver Dambuster
  • Working with Aardvark Swift was a huge help towards attaining my first role in the programming industry. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out and the speed that they were able to get me a role that I am over the moon with. 

    Lewis Scrivens

    Junior Programmer at d3t
  • I had been applying for jobs within my field but was never successful with any of them. Thanks to Aardvark's recommendation and support, I've now landed my dream job in the games industry and couldn't be happier!

    Thomas Hegarty

    Junior Designer at Dovetail
  • Aardvark were very helpful when I was trying to secure my first job in the games industry. I would highly recommend Aardvark Swift to any student who is close to graduating.

    Simon Rybicki

    Junior Programmer at d3t
  • I want to thank Aardvark for helping me prepare for and secure a role at Airship Images. Throughout the process from CV to interview, they offered great advice and took the time to really understand me beyond the contents of my CV.

    Hilary Orange

    Junior Groom Artist at Airship Images
  • Aardvark Swift helped me kick start my career in the games industry. They were helpful, enthusiastic, and easy to work with. They went to great lengths to help me find the perfect position. They kept me updated and made sure I was happy with the company that hired me.

    Bence Blazer

    Environment Artist at nDreams

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