Case Studies

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Femi Boye - Marketing & Engagement Manager at Airship Images

"Femi saw our post on social media about our commitment to the BLM movement, offering free CV, portfolio, and career advice to black communities. I had a good chat with him to find out what type of role he was looking for. I discussed his situation with the Founder of Airship Images and it was a perfect fit! I introduced them both and now he's working in his first role within video games!" -- Chris Mellor

Nitin Khosla - Lead Tools Engineer at Wargaming

Nitin actually approached us due to a strong relationship I have with another candidate. The pair knew each other, and word of mouth had Nitin reach out to me. He'd previously worked with the Paris office at Ubisoft as a Senior Tools Programmer and was looking for a new challenge. He now works as the Lead Tools Programmer at Wargaming, and he's in charge of his very own team!  -- Jordan Bateman

Laura Nigri - Program Manager at Hadean

Laura had taken a break from the tech industry and was looking for a route back in so her skills could be ultilised in an environment she was passionate about. After speaking with me, we managed to ensure that Hadean recognised her potential. She's now their Program Manager, an exciting role as Hadean design the cloud computing systems of the future. -- Dan Hawkins

Brian Ayers - Senior Brand Manager at Frontier

I actually placed Brian in his first industry role back in 2008 as a Trade Marketing Executive at Konami. He progressed through the ranks there, which was so awesome to see, eventually becoming European Brand Manager. When he approached me again, looking for a change, I managed to work with him to secure a position at Frontier. He's their first ever Senior Brand Manager and is now working on 3rd party publishing projects. -- Chris Mellor

Solal Le Gall - Product Manager at Gameloft Montreal

Solal was working at Jagex as a Product Manager, but as a French national he had his eyes set on Canada. We worked together to make his dream a reality, eventually landing a role within Gameloft in Montreal. He's still working in the same role, but now he's emigrated and living in the country he wants to be in. -- Max Stuart

Antonio Papa - Head of Talent Acquisition at Build a Rocket Boy

Build a Rocket Boy were looking for someone to head up internal recruitment. This was a key hire for them and was pivotal for the growth of their studio. Antonio was a Senior Recruiter at Epic Games, looking to progress his career. This role was a perfect fit for him and he's been leading the charge of studio development at Build a Rocket Boy ever since! -- Dan Hawkins

Matthew Lowe - Junior Programmer

Matthew attended our Get in the Game careers talk at the University of Central Lancashire back in 2017. He became a finalist in our Rising Star game development challenge in 2018, and secured an internship off of the back of that at Boss Alien. I knew he was going to be one to watch! This year he won Search for a Star, and we've been able to work together to get him his first permanent industry role at d3t!  -- Becky Wright

Athina Hachenberg - German Player Support Agent at Ubisoft

It really doesn't matter where you are, Athina is a perfect example of how the perfect job can find you! I was actively working this role and looking for candidates who matched the skillset that Ubisoft were looking for. Athina ticked all of the boxes, and when I reached out to her she was travelling across Australia at the time! This is her first role within the games industry and she's doing great!  -- Dan Hawkins

Ben Merrick - Senior Environment Artist at Stellar Entertainment

Ben worked as a Environment and Technical Artist at a major developer but was made redundant after a period of restructuring. He reached out to us and within two weeks of him losing his job we had secured him a position at Stellar Entertainment. How now works in a more senior role than the one he lost, progressing his career, and was back in employment quickly!  -- Jasmin Ali

Anton Guljajev - Game Programmer at Q-Games

Anton was in love with Japan, from the culture and media this location is famed for, all the way through to their way of life. As a skilled programmer, he harboured dreams of being able to emigrate and work within the country. After working with me, he's been able to do just that. He's been working with Q-Games in Kyoto for several months now, and he's doing great!  -- Kirsten White

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