Ubaid Ali

Name: Ubaid Ali

Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

About me:

Hi my names Ubaid. I would describe myself as a person who enjoys spending time with family and friends. Really enjoy the cinema and (sometimes just stroll in on my own to get 3 scoops of chocolate from Baskin & Robbins) I do like an occasional night out. I could also waste a full day playing Tekken!

What I do

I am on the programming desk working alongside my team supporting programmers to see what great opportunities we have for them! I absolutely love speaking to new people, especially in this sector where I’m learning loads about games and the projects people are working on


Favourite Game: TEKKEN

Favourite TV show: Ackley Bridge

Favourite movie: Black Panther

Favourite Book: Of Mice and Men

Get in touch: ubaid@aswift.com

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