Sol Argüeso

Name: Sol Argüeso 

Job title: Recruitment Consultant – Art desk

About me:I’m a tall, tanned, very Yorkshire Spaniard” – Tinder profile 2017

After graduating from Sheffield Hallam, I fell in love with the area and stuck around to go on to become the office’s random fact whizz.

What I do: My role focuses on finding & hiring experienced, talented people in the areas of:
• Production
• Analysts
• Level & Game Design
• VFX & Technical Art
• Game Audio

Favourite game: Crash Bandicoot

Favourite TV series: Friends

Favourite movie: Superman II

Favourite book: Pep Guardiola: Another Way of Winning

Aardvark Spotlight: Sol Argüeso

Sol works as part of the recruitment team specialising in VFX, he spends his time placing candidates in their dream job.


How would you describe your average day in the life?

My time is usually spent consulting with clients and candidates – I spend time finding out what skills a candidate has and what they’re looking for, and try to find them a good match with a studio with those needs. I also spend time on Linkedin and ArtStation to find candidates who’re open to new opportunities, and help them to find their dream job.


Did you receive any training?

I had no prior experience in the industry, but we’ve been given extensive training inhouse and with external companies, which have made me better at my job.


What did you do before you joined Aardvark Swift?

Before I came here, I was at University studying Spanish, German, Business and Tourism. I always knew I wanted to work in recruitment as I’ve got friends in the industry, and Aardvark really stood out to me.


What made you choose Aardvark Swift?

I’ve always wanted to work in recruitment. I applied for a few different places but when I went to some interviews, the company gave off a Wolf of Wall Street vibe, which wasn’t for me. So when I came here and saw how great the environment was, I knew this was the right place.I’m a huge fan of video games too, so it was perfect fit!


What do you love most about working at Aardvark Swift?

I love the atmosphere in the office, every day is really fun. I love the satisfaction of finding someone a placement and finding out about the projects that the clients are working on, it’s really exciting.


What do you get most out of your role?

I had a candidate who I placed at EA and they got to relocate to Canada, which was surreal! Having the opportunity to help people find their dream job is really rewarding.


What are the perks of working at Aardvark Swift?

I get to learn more about the games industry, which is great. The office is quite laid back, so we get to dress casually, which makes for a much more fun and comfortable working  environment.


Favourite memory so far?

It has to be finalizing my first placement, which was at Microsoft! It really showed me what I can do with a career in recruitment.

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