Simon Hope

Name: Simon Hope Simon Hope, Director & LEad Recruiter

Job title: Director & Lead Recruiter

About me: My name is Simon and I’ve been a part of the team at Aardvark since God was a lad (or at least I was!). I’m a Father, Husband, Recruiter, Runner, Gamer, Movie-lover and a massive Owl.

What I do: Day-to-day I lead all of the development focused recruitment at Aardvark Swift, whilst still being an ultra-hands-on Recruiter in the areas of production / project management and video games art & design. I also became a Director of the business in 2016 and form part of the wider management team within the organisation.

Favourite game: Skyrim

Favourite TV series: Vikings

Favourite movie: Gladiator

Favourite book: Lord Of The Rings

Aardvark Spotlight: Simon Hope

Simon is a Director and leads the recruitment team at Aardvark Swift. He works closely alongside the Managing Director and the management team on the long term and day to day strategic plans, such as the direction of the business and investments.


How would you describe your average day?

It’s a very varied role but first and foremost I am still a recruiter, so I look after all the project management and games production recruitment at Aardvark. I also manage the recruitment teams across programming, art and design, and look after their daily standup meetings and make sure that everyone is on the right track.


Did you receive any training?

I’ve been at Aardvark for 12 years, so when I first started I received recruitment training like many of the consultants are having now, which helped me become a good recruiter. But most recently, I’ve been learning quite a bit about agile project management especially KanBan, which I have been implementing across the business.  


What do you love most about working here?

No two days are ever the same! I really enjoy working with the team here, they come in with a lot of energy and fresh ideas which we use to help improve the business. I’ve been here 12 years, but I still get a buzz from helping people find their next job and that hasn’t changed since I started in 2006.


What did you do before working here?

I studied Law at Sheffield Hallam University, and I got my first job as a recruiter at Aardvark Swift just before I finished my final exam.


What drew you to Aardvark Swift?

I’ve always been interested in the recruitment industry but Aardvark stood out to me as the atmosphere and community are great. Having the opportunity to help people daily is why I still recruit full time, I wouldn’t change it for anything.


What are the perks of working for Aardvark Swift?

We get a lot of perks and benefits, but the early finish on a friday, the gym, games console in the office and fifa tournaments over lunch really make it a better working environment. There’s lot of buzz and excitement in the office because there’s a bit of healthy competition , but everyone is pushing in the same direction and trying to help as many people in the industry get their next job. It’s really exciting.


How would you describe your Aardvark Swift journey?

It’s been an exciting journey and my role has changed significantly since I started, which came with lots of different challenges. I began as an art and animation recruiter, then game design which opened a lot of different territories along the way, but all of the hard work eventually led me to becoming a Director. Every day is a new challenge, but I still get excited about coming into the office.


What do you get most out of your role here?

It’s the buzz and satisfaction of helping people get a job. I’ve been working here for over a decade, and it’s not just the new connections you make but it’s the people who are coming back to you for their next job. It’s those kind of long term relationships that I’ve made which give me a sense of achievement. They’re not just people I see as candidates, a lot of them have become my friends.


Favourite memory so far?

Winning “Best Recruiter” at the Develop awards and the TIGA awards in 2017, was a really big sense of achievement to see how far we’ve come. I also won Boss of the Year last year, which was great!


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