Rosey Asquith

Name: Rosey Asquith 

Job title: Recruitment Assistant

About me:When I’m not at Aardvark Swift you can typically find me either at Sheffield Theatres (behind the bar, not on the stage) or having a little dance at Leadmill. Pretty sure my soulmate is either a Haim sister or George Ezra!
What I do: I’m based on the Grad Desk which means I spend my days working with students and recent graduates, helping them to find their way into the Games Industry!

Favourite game: I can waste hours playing The Sims

Favourite TV series: Currently obsessed with Netflix’s Queer Eye (but nothing will ever replace Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Favourite movie: Anything Marvel, Mean Girls, every 2000s romcom

Favourite book: As an English Lit grad this is like choosing my favourite child but my go to answer is Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey

Aardvark Spotlight: Rosey Asquith


Rosey works on the Grad desk, where she spends her time getting into contact with game development graduates, collecting their CVs and reviewing their profile to match them up with their dream job in games.


How would you describe your average day in the office?

My typical day in the office is ringing up graduates and potential candidates and chatting to them about their skills and their options, looking into CVs and sending quite a few emails. The job involves a lot of talking to people which I really enjoy doing.


What do you love most about working at Aardvark Swift?

I love the office environment, it’s very welcoming.


What did you do before working here?

I graduated from university in 2016, and spent time doing bar work before finding this job on my University job board. I hadn’t heard of Aardvark Swift before but it sounded like a really fun place to work.


Did you ever consider working in recruitment?

I didn’t properly consider working in the industry before I started here, but when I saw the job online and looked more into recruitment, it really stood out to me.


What drew you to Aardvark Swift?

After I found this role on my university job board and came in for an interview, I did a trial shift and it seemed like a fun place to work.


What are the perks for working with Aardvark Swift?

I’ve only been here a short time but everyone is really lovely, we get to finish early on a friday and we do a lot of stuff outside of  the office as well, so it’s really sociable!


How would you describe your Aardvark Swift journey?

I only started two months ago, but it’s been really good and interesting so far and I think my career here is going to go further, which is exciting.


What do you get out of your role?

I’ve already learnt a lot even though i haven’t been here that long, I wasn’t a gamer before so I was completely new to the industry but I’ve learnt so much already!


Favourite memory so far?

Search for a Star Finals day. It was really exciting to see all the hard work we put into Grads in Games and Search For A Star come together. It was great to see the finalists meeting staff from their dream studios and winning their awards. We were finally being able to show off what we’ve been working on!

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