Rebecca Wright

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Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

Desk: Graduate



About Me:

I studied at Exeter University and obtained a degree in English Literature. I attended a drama school in London for a year, but I decided that I didn’t want to do it full-time due to the pressures and instability of the work. I now do drama as a hobby alongside work which is much more my pace!

Favourite Game: Ray-Man Legends

Favourite Game Series:  The Sims

Favourite TV Series: Orange Is the New Black

Favourite Film: The Little Prince (2015 Animated Series)

Favourite Book: Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Favourite Song/Band: Somebody Else by The 1975

How did you get into games as a hobby?

I used to play games a lot when I was younger, especially the branded tie-in games for things like Looney Tunes and Harry Potter back on the PS1. I’ve only recently picked gaming back up again but being in the office and having a friend who lives and breaths this stuff means I’m never short of informed recommendations.

What’s your career background?

It’s actually one of the first jobs I’ve ever had, before this I’d obviously spent years in academia. The one other job I did have was as a trainee recruiter for a nursing consultancy practice in Sheffield. I’ve been with Aardvark since July of 2019 and it’s certainly a better fit!

What’s an average day look like for you at Aardvark Swift?

My days are fairly varied dependent on the time of the year and the events we are running. Primarily I assist in the organisation of our student game dev challenges such as Search for a Star and Sumo Digital Rising Star, the recruitment side of it anyway. I provide a lot of CV and portfolio advice for final year students and recent graduates. I’m always either on the phone or looking through my emails.

What do you love most about your job?

Helping graduates and people looking to take their first real steps into employment is always exciting. I know, from experience, it can be a scary time as there’s a big gap between universities and studio employment. This is something we’re obviously working to bridge the gap on with Grads in Games and our graduate desk. Getting an enthusiastic graduate into their dream job is a real drive for me.

Favourite memory so far?

The best memory I have is of a candidate I’m actually quite close to now. At first she wasn’t too sure about the recruitment process and if it was for her, but she felt like she’d been thrown into the deep end after university and I helped walk her through the many pitfalls. We managed to secure her a position at a studio which she’s flourished in.

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