Rachel Frost

Name: Rachel Frost 

Job title: Marketing Manager

About me: Prematurely Bridget-Jones-esque crazy cat lady. You’ll usually find me deep in Spotify with a coffee or glass of wine glued to my hand, designing, drawing, writing or generally creating things. On the off chance that I’m not doing any of that stuff, you’ll find me cooking, eating, or plotting something food related.

What I do: My role as Marketing Manager is to coordinate all the weird and wonderful ideas we’ve got at Aardvark and help to turn them into events, campaigns and adverts.

I work closely with the recruitment team to build a strong link with our marketeers, and combine our efforts to get the word out about Aardvark and our initiatives in the best and most innovative ways we can! No two days are the same here, and I love being able to be creative and get stuck into so many great projects.

I’ve worked on Game Dev Heroes, Search for a Star and Grads in Games, so you’ll probably have had me pestering you to get involved in all sorts of things!

Favourite game: The Sims

Favourite TV series: Gilmore Girls

Favourite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy (Half due to Chris Pratt, half due to the soundtrack)

Favourite book: American Psycho

Aardvark Spotlight: Rachel Frost

Rachel spends her time managing the marketing team, creating content on the website, planning and coordinating advertising and designing all manner of things Aardvark!


How would you describe your average day?

My role really varies day to day. I get to do a wide range of things, whether it’s copywriting, designing adverts and campaigns, helping to brainstorm and roll out new services,  or helping out the consultants with their job ads. I keep an eye on everything marketing related, make sure we’re helping the recruitment team as much as possible, and coordinate projects between our team.


Did you receive any training?

I recently completed a ‘Copywriting for Recruiters’ course which was really good, and gave me transferable skills to apply to other aspects of my job. I’m not a recruiter, so it was good to have some perspective!


What do you love most about working for Aardvark Swift?

The atmosphere and the people really make coming to work exciting. We’re always cheerful – you never dread coming to work.


What did you do before working at Aardvark Swift?

I have previous experience working in marketing for 2 years, but before that I spent some time working in sales. That’s really helped my career here, as I can see things from a more commercial point of view.


Why drew you to Aardvark Swift?

I’ve worked in a couple of bigger companies, but I like that it’s a small team here. You get the freedom to take more creative liberties, and you can see how what you do impacts everyone. It was also the atmosphere, it’s fun here!


What are the perks of working for Aardvark Swift?

We have created a community here. We go for lunch together once a month, we do things together outside of work regularly and we usually go on about 2 big staff nights out a year. We’ve always got nice things to look forward too!


What do you get most out of working at Aardvark Swift?

The brand has changed so much since I started here, so it’s really rewarding to see how far we’ve come. We’re in a position where we can see the results from the work we’re doing. It’s nice to see what we’re doing is helping the consultants and also benefiting the candidates.


Favourite memory so far?

Seeing my first Search for a Star Finals Day come together was amazing… But it’d have to be winning the Develop award in 2017. We were absolutely over the moon!

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