Jordan Bateman

Name: Jordan Bateman

Job title: Recruitment Consultant

About me: Hi, I’m Jordan! I’m a gamer that likes to play just about every console, from the classic Atari to the Xbox One, and I even dabble on the PC.

I try and see the positives in everything and consider myself a pretty happy go lucky kind of guy, that’s why I like to crack a joke every 10 minutes.

What I do: I’m currently working as a Recruitment Consultant, specialising in finding the best talent for the video game & tech Industry.

Favourite game: SMITE

Favourite TV series: Community

Favourite movie: Shaun of the dead

Favourite book: Lord Of The Rings

Aardvark Spotlight: Jordan Bateman

Jordan’s role consists of consists of speaking with programmers on a daily basis across an array of specialisms.


How would you spend your average day?

Day to day I get to speak to loads of different programmers from a variety of specialisms, it’s a great role. It’s really technical  which is new to me, but I’m learning along the way and having lots of technical conversations with people every day. We also work with software developers, it’s really interesting.


What do you love most about working at Aardvark Swift?

I’m kind of a big nerd. I’ve played video games since I was a kid and grew up around them, so the thing I love the most is speaking to industry professionals who have made these games and work in these big studios that I looked up to as a kid.


What type of training did you receive?

When I started working here, I had a 10 week training programme which went across three months, and recently we finished an online and inhouse training which was more advanced recruitment training. I started as a Junior Recruiter but the training has helped me progress massively!


What did you do before coming to Aardvark Swift?

I was leading a team in sales and marketing in another company, but it was more face to face marketing. I’ve been here just over a year now and much prefer it.


What drew you to Aardvark Swift?

The games element definitely, working marketing wasn’t something I was passionate about. So being able to talk to candidates and other people about something that I enjoy is amazing.


What do you get the most out of the role?

I like the conversations I have with people I speak to. It’s cool to hear about the different kinds of projects they’re working on, so it’s good to get a bit of information on what the next new games are going to be. Some of the candidates go through life dreaming of wanting to work at some of these studios and I get the chance to help them find their dream job at these studios, it’s such a rewarding feeling.


What are the perks for working for Aardvark Swift?

The social aspect is great, we get to finish early on a friday, we regularly go out as a team and do loads of activities together. We’ve been skiing this year, zombie hunting last summer, we go to the cinema and out for drinks regularly too. You also can’t go wrong with free tea and coffee.


Favourite memory so far?

When I joined we went on an end of year staff outing to do a zombie experience and that was amazing. Another one is making my first placement which happened to be at EA, a studio I’ve always loved,which was so cool.

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