Greg Brotherton

Name: Greg Brotherton 

Job title: Recruitment Consultant – Programming desk

About me: I’m a big fan of most sports, particularly watching NHL, Rugby and Football – Pittsburgh Penguins and Sheffield United are my teams.

I occasionally take part in sport too and have turned my hand at both squash and weightlifting recently.

Besides that, I love comic book films and reading about the latest Game of Thrones theories.

What I do: I’m responsible for Programming recruitment, specifically:

  • Engine
  • Graphics
  • Tools
  • Tech

This involves speaking to programmers who are as into video games as I am, which is one of the highlights of the job. It’s always enjoyable speaking to people about their passion, and it certainly helps when it’s my passion too.

Favourite game: Civilization 5

Favourite TV series: Game of Thrones

Favourite movie: Anchorman (extremely quotable)

Favourite book: Anything by Chris Kuzneski

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