Faheem Uddin

Name: Faheem Uddin

Job Title: Recruitment Consultant

About me:

I’ve always loved video games, and it was my dream to work in an industry full of passion and a sense of community. Whenever possible, going to gaming events such as Insomnia and EGX is awesome, because you’re full of people like myself, gamers.


What I do

My role is to place talented individuals, most specifically of the programming area into their dream jobs. What I love is you get to have a conversation with people who share the same passion as myself, who have dedicated their time to work in the video games industry. It’s a competitive industry and it can be seen by how individuals go above and beyond what is expected and create showreels and show off their skills. When I was working at gaming events, I loved speaking to people, but now I can do that at Aardvark Swift every day!



Favourite Game:

Tough choice, but I loved the xbox 360 days, coming home from school and playing games with my friends such as COD Modern Warfare 2. In terms of single player Assassin Creed 2, I loved the mechanics and storyline, I get really immersed into the character Ezio. I also really enjoyed Far Cry 3, and to this day I believe it is the best one in their long series.

Favourite TV show:

Daredevil or Stranger things. It’s got to be the original Netflix series, they are awesome. Daredevil because I love stuff to do with Marvel and action but Stranger Things was just incredible.

Favourite movie:

Batman – The Dark Knight, without a doubt. What’s not to love, Batman who is awesome but the Joker played by Heath Ledger who was just incredible. His improvisation was on point and that can be applied to this job.

Favourite Book:

Hunger Games, was brilliant and better than the films

Get in touch: faheem@aswift.com

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