Brendon Smith-Westergaard

Name: Brendon Smith-Westergaard 

Job title: Recruitment Consultant

About me: I am the owner of a ridiculously long (part-Danish, thanks to my wife) surname, who is a father of three and honorary Yorkshireman. After relocating north from London a decade ago, I love living, working, cooking, socialising and running here in this wonderful part of the world. Oh, and I used to be a chef!

What I do: I’m a recruiter working pro-actively to find top Management, Sales and Marketing professionals their next job within the Games, Toys and Licensing sector.

Favourite game: I’ve been known to pass the time on my iPhone version of Crossy Road!

Favourite TV series: Mad Men

Favourite movie: Best film in last few years: Whiplash. Although, I confess to loving Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Favourite book: I Am Pilgrim’ – by Terry Hayes

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