Andy Jenkinson

Name: Andy Jenkinson 

Job title: Senior Recruitment Consultant – Programming desk

About me: Hi all. I’m a gamer at heart – I guess this wouldn’t be the job for me if I wasn’t!

I spend most of my free time playing PS4 games. I’m a huge fan of the mainstream – BF1, FIFA 17, Star Wars Battlefront etc – but I’m also a fan of mobile/casual games like Paper.IO, New Star Soccer and Pokemon GO. If I’m not in front of the telly, you’ll probably find me at Oakwell, or whichever team Barnsley FC are playing on a Saturday.

I play and sing in a band too (big band and Jazz music is awesome to play), and have been lucky enough to see Muse, Kasabian, Queen (with Adam Lambert) and Madness – who are always a laugh.

What I do: I work with the biggest and smallest studios in the UK and across the world. It’s pretty cool having good relationships with the companies whose games you play. I generally look after experienced coders who have console/PC experience, gameplay, audio, AI, UI, AR, VR and any other two letter acronym.

Favourite game: Too many to choose from – but has to be FIFA 1998 for the ‘Indoor Arena’ setting, or even Unreal Tournament 2004.

Favourite TV series: Breaking Bad… No, wait! Prison Break!

Favourite movie: Hacksaw Ridge

Favourite book: Peter Kay Biography

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