A Day in the Life

It’s a common misconception that recruitment agencies “simply send out CVs." There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Aardvark Swift! It goes without saying that the most talented candidates are in short supply, and we work tirelessly to make sure we know who they are and how to reach them. So; what makes us so different?

It's what you know AND who you know

As well as working hard to find incredible candidates ourselves, many candidates will also come directly to us. As an industry recognised and award winning recruiter, word of mouth goes a long way and we're very humbled that that's the case! 

Continued guidance and support

We don't just find a candidate and send them on their way to an interview. We're here to provide careers guidance and advice throughout the entire process. Whether that's CV building feedback, interview coaching or coordinating relocation and travel. We want our candidates to be as comfortable as our clients.

In-house marketing team

Unlike other agencies, we have a professional marketing team who work alongside our recruitment consultants. This enables us to create tailor-made premium marketing campaigns that target the right audience. The game development audience we've garnered as a result means that your vacancies get in front of the right people. 

Future-proofing the talent pipeline

Alongside our recruitment activities, we also run the graduate initiative Grads In Games. From our industry written game development series, Search For A Star, to our university tour Get In The Game, we're actively engaging in and honing the next generation. Through our knowledge of what studios are looking for, we are boosting employability and ensuring students are industry ready when they leave academia. 

Aardvark Career Case Studies

Talent & Training Manager

Kelly Jones is an integral part of the Aardvark Swift family. When it comes to the growth of our team and the personal development of skills, she's the go to person!

How would you describe the work you do?

My role here is varied which is great for keeping me on my toes; no days are ever the same and I’m involved in a range of activities from internal recruitment through to learning and development. Some days I’ll be using my network to find new people to work alongside our team of fantastic recruiters, and other days see me in the classroom teaching our junior members of the team! This could be anything from candidate generation through to managing key accounts. I’m part of the management team here at AS so I get involved with problem solving across the business, and I make sure the internal processes here align with the growth plans for the business. I love the variety of my role! Luckily; I like being busy! 

What's your Aardvark Swift career journey so far?

I started working with Aardvark as a Senior Recruiter in 2007 and managed the toys and licensing desk. After seven years living abroad in places like Abu Dhabi and Malaysia, I made the move home to the UK in 2018. Ian asked me to come back in a training and performance capacity and it was a chance I jumped at. My role since then has changed from managing the commercial desk and business development to looking after internal recruitment, training and L&D strategy. I work part time, which has been great for the past year since I started my CIPD Level 5 L&D. AS are a great business to work for, offering me flexible working and the opportunity to progress my career! I couldn't ask for more.

What brought you to Aardvark?

The industry was a big draw the first time I joined the business. I was working in manufacturing recruitment which was fast paced but not nearly as thrilling as video games, toys and licensing. The prospect of getting involved in toy industry events and working with big names, such as LEGO and Hasbro, was really exciting. Even now, 12 years on, the desk continues to grow from strength to strength. Coming back the second time? The flexibility and part time hours. The management team are really supportive and have created a role which suits my skillset. I now get the opportunity to train, support and mentor people in good recruitment practise which is something I thrive on! 

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Max Stuart has been a home-grown success story. From an entry-level position to a senior member of our recruitment team, he's now actively involved in client management. We even let him out of the office every once in a while.

How would you describe the work you do?

In a word? Incredibly varied. Wait; that's two words. As a Senior Recruiter I am now more client focused than I have been in the past. This sees me travelling alot as I attend various game dev conferences and visit our partner studios up and down the country. In the last three months I’ve been as as far north as Edinburgh and as far south as London. My role will of course always focus on helping studios find talented devs and this will always be my favourite part of the job. Getting the right person in the right role and seeing them flourish is what it's about. 

What's your Aardvark Swift career journey so far?

I've been at the company for three years now and I originally started in the entry-level resourcer positon. I helped the recruitment consultants source candidates and client opportunities. I then progressed onto the art desk and the production side of talent acquisition. I am now responsible for all production, project manager and UI/UX developer roles within video games. From assistant producers all the way up to studio heads. Its been kind of a crazy trajectory but its been an experience. Being supported with training opportunities has also been refreshing. As well as the 12 week recruitment academy, which I undertook when I started with Aardvark Swift, I have also undertaken 'Winning Edges,' which is a short course about enabling change.

What brought you to Aardvark?

I’ve always been a big fan of video games and I probably spent an unhealthy amount of time playing League Of Legends in the past. Whilst at university my dream job was to work within a studio on the marketing side. As I progressed through my studios, I actuallyn shifted and felt that I would probably prefer a more sales orientated role. I stumbled across Aardvark Swift online and was immediately sold. It married up my hobby with my intended industry; it really was a no brainer. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here and the ability to grow and puruse personal progression has been actively encouraged. 

Marketing Assistant

James Bowers is a relatively new addition to the team and is primarily concerned with content creation for the site and our initiatives.

How would you describe the work you do?

The work I do is incredibly exciting to me. My main area is content creation, which can literally cover anything from copywriting to podcast creation. I've been with the company a short time, and despite that have had a lot of opportunities to flex my creative muscles. From filming our consultants at Toy Fair London, cutting the raw footage down to a series of social videos, visitng my hometown studio of Team17 to record a podcast, to having my written work featured in MCV/DEVELOP. No two days are the same. There's more projects than I know what to do with. I wouldn't have it any other way.

What's your Aardvark Swift career journey so far?

I was welcomed into the Aardvark team towards the end of 2019. Coming into the business, I was soon suprised at how my ideas were not just actively listened to, but encouraged. There's a lot I want to do and produce, and I'm being enabled to do that by a supportive group of people. It's still early days, but I can't wait to get started! I've already been booked onto Adobe Creative Cloud training to boost my skills in the content production field, and this includes courses on Premiere Pro, Audtion, and Photoshop.

What brought you to Aardvark?

I've been looking to break into the games industry since I left High School. I went back to university, around my day job at the time, and worked hard to achieve my Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. I founded my own gaming news website and through that managed to work freelance for media outlets as a games journalist; but this was still part time around an office job. When I saw the position at Aardvark Swift, I jumped at the chance. It enabled me to turn my hobby into a sustainable career.

Recruitment Consultant

Jasmin Ali is giving some of our more established recruiters a run for their money. She's part of our talented Art Desk!

How would you describe the work you do?

My day is usually focused around candidates and establishing their wants and needs. I'm here to help them achieve the next stage in their career. I'm the helpful negotiator between the client and the candidate, and I champion both sides. I help arrange interviews that suit both parties, and discuss candidates that would suit our clients' artistic vision. My focus is juggling a lot of conversations at once. I need to be concious of who is looking for what. If a new role comes in that would be suitable for a candidate I spoke to a few days ago, I need to make those connections quickly. I manage all art roles at varied levels of seniority. I also have an aim to bring in new clients, so I spend a lot of time doing business development. 

What's your Aardvark Swift career journey so far?

I am still relatively new to the industry, so I’m trying to soak in as much product knowledge as I can to create a knowledgable foundation for my clients and candidates. Everyone has been super friendly, and I think I have settled in great. I was able to earn my promotion from Junior Recruitment Consultant really quickly, and it was amazing to know hard work is rewarded. I've also been encouraged with my own personal development and have undertaken CertRP. This is a widely recognised qualification, awarded by the REC, who are the governing body of the recruitment industry.

What brought you to Aardvark?

I had been in commercial energy sales for five years and desperately needed a new challenge. I was completely open to new opportunities, and working within the games industry just landed at the right time for me. I've since gone on to become a Women in Games Ambassador too!

Recruitment Consultant

Kirsten White is a Women in Games Ambassador and is waiving the flag for diversity and inclusion within the industry. She has an administrative heavy background, and has taken to recruitment incredibly well!

How would you describe the work you do?

I'm a Programming Recruitment Specialist at Aaardvark Swift and it’s a very interesting and busy position! It's still facinating to be working with and speaking to candidates who have worked on games I’ve played! It’s like a little fan-girl moment! I offer CV advice and I help candidates find their role in the industry. Speaking to clients and candidates on a daily basis is great too, especially when there are no NDAs involved and you get to find out about your next favourite game!

What's your Aardvark Swift career journey so far?

I started as a Resourcer on the art desk. There I spoke to candidates on a daily basis, helping them with their CV and finding out what they would be looking for in a new role. I also did the admin for the other consultants to help them with their workloads. I then moved over onto the programming desk as a Recruitment Consultant after learning about the process through resourcing training. The personal development within the role, and the support I've had, has been great. I've been able to undertake my CertRP qualification, and made the transition from entry-level Resourcer to skilled Recruitment Consultant in a relatively short time.

What brought you to Aardvark?

I had previously gone through a pretty tough time in my personal life and needed a fresh start; where better place to begin than a new career? I had worked at my previous employer for over nine years and felt a change was needed to meet new people, gain new skills, and be passionate about what I was doing. I have definitely found this here and within the games industry. We're a supportive and driven bunch that work around a hobby we all hold dear. 

Training and Support

All of our consultants undergo a 12 week training academy. This is a bespoke training package which both introduces them to the world of recruitment and also our internal processes. Consultants have regular refresher sessions on a number of subjects, from how to write the perfect job spec to elevator pitches. Mentoring support is available for all those who require it from our experienced senior management team.

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