#9 – Aardvark Asks – Blackbird Interactive – Rory McGuire

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This week, Aardvark Swift chats to CCO Rory McGuire to talk about his journey so far at Blackbird Interactive, what came before, and the lessons he’s learned throughout his time in the industry.

 “The best games inspiration for game design come from outside of videogames”, says Rory. “Consume other experiences, consume art, consume music; all of that is food for game design”

Art-fueled and future-driven; Blackbird Interactive are an independent developer unwavering in their goal to provide stylised and engaging experiences to their player-base. With a signature and distinctive artistic flair, collaborations with the likes of NASA and Minecraft, as well as innovative and technically advanced IPs of their own released and in development, Blackbird Interactive are far from flying under-the-radar like their namesake spy plane counterpart. 

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