Children’s Mental Health Week

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Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity who provide counselling, mental health support, and training to UK schools. They worked with over 700 educational institutions across England, Scotland, and Wales in 2019, and they launched Children’s Mental Health Week back in 2015, with an aim to spotlight and raise awareness of the importance of the mental health of children and young people.

Mental health and wellbeing are incredibly important. The challenges it brings have been felt arguably more so now than ever before after nearly 12 months of difficult restrictions and adjustments to our daily lives. Children and young people especially have had their routines upended as home learning and remote lessons became the ‘new normal.’ Unable to visit friends or extended family, it’s vital we take time to really appreciate how important self-care is right now.

At Aardvark Swift, we wanted to support the promotion of positive mental health, allowing our team to spend time with their loved ones and to get to really unwind and enjoy some much-deserved downtime.

Mental Health is really important. Struggling, or suffering with it shouldn’t be seen as a failure. Do something that makes you happy.

Ian Goodall, Managing Director

On Wednesday afternoon (Feb 3rd) we downed tools and focused on promoting positive mental health practices, allowing the team to focus on making themselves and their loved ones happy. Some went out on socially distanced walks with their children, others stayed indoors and created exciting and stunt-filled hot wheels tracks (like Dave).

Martin and his two sons went out to their local nature trail and helped break apart dams that had formed in the river from fallen branches, returning streams to their natural free-flowing state. Phil and his children built a snowman with what was left of the recent flurry here up in Yorkshire! Chris took his young daughter, carefully swaddled up, on a picturesque three-mile walk.

Getting fresh air was something a lot of the team enjoyed and getting a few hours back in the week to just spend with family or your own thoughts made a big difference. It’s important to take the time to appreciate the little things and just de-compress.

Those without little ones at home were encouraged to do something which contributed to their own mental health. Margaret went on a long wintery walk in the snow and I took my two furry children (with my partner) to the local reservoir for a walk through the forest.

This year’s theme for Children’s Mental Health Week is Express Yourself, and parents are being encouraged to help their young ones share feelings, thoughts, or ideas through creativity.

They are offering free resources on their site to do just that! You can find more information here. Children’s Mental Health week ends on February 7th, so make sure you check out more about Children’s Mental Health Week, and the activities you can get involved with, on their website.

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