#11 Ballistic Moon (Duncan Kershaw, Neil McEwan, and Chris Lamb)

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James Bowers speaks with the founders of Ballistic Moon (Duncan Kershaw, Neil McEwan, and Chris Lamb) about their history together, what they look for when hiring new members of their team, and the exciting future ahead.

“Starting Ballistic Moon has been such a career highlight. To be in a position to do what we want to do, in the way we want to do it, is amazing,” says Chris, who functions as the studio’s head of technology. It’s a sentiment echoed by co-founder and director, Duncan Kershaw. “We decided the timing was right to make something of our own. That was a year and a half ago now. We’ve all worked together for years and our paths have crossed a few times. Our best days, both professionally, individually, and as a group, are definitely ahead of us.”

The drive behind Ballistic Moon is to be at the bleeding edge of innovation, and they’re not content to create experiences that people have played before. “Part of what we do as Ballistic Moon is embrace creative risks, even if some of them fail, it’s about refocusing quickly. It’s rare in games that you have the freedom to take these risks…” [Listen to the podcast to learn more!]

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