#5 – The Multiplayer Guys (Jaymes Chapman)

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James Bowers is back as the host! He speaks with Jaymes Chapman, Head of Recruitment, of The Multiplayer Guys in Nottingham. They discuss explosive studio growth, remote working, and his fascinating career background (from the Armed Forces to international Rugby).

With a portfolio supporting some of the most exciting projects in recent years, some they can discuss and others they’re tight-lipped about, the co-development studio spotted a gap in the market and seized upon that opportunity. It’s allowed them a period of unprecedented growth, with Jaymes Chapman now at its centre. “The journey we’re on is going to be astronomical. It’s probably going to be one of the largest hiring drives that I’ve ever been involved with. “Vaughan [O’Brien] did a fantastic job of hiring 50+ people last year, and I’ve kind of taken up from where he left off. I’m pretty competitive, so even if I beat that record by one person, I’ll be happy.” The need to grow is natural considering the projects the team has been involved in; as well as the number of ambitious things they have in the pipeline for current and next-gen systems.

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