Side Quest is Helping Break Down the Barriers of Game Development

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Into Games is aiming to get 100,000 young people involved in game development through their initiative Side Quest, building their first game before school starts in September. The initiative challenges young people to build a game in just seven days, based on a theme provided by a UK games studio. They provide the tools to do it too, including software (Game Maker 2), paper prototyping worksheets (for those that haven’t got access to a laptop), tutorials (made by Sumo Digital), and weekly streamed masterclasses from industry professionals. This will all be supported by a Discord community built to provide instant support and feedback.

The bi-weekly ‘game jams’ will kick off on the 4th of May, featuring a new theme for each seven day period. There’s no programming knowledge required, and you won’t need a turbo-charged or water-cooled PC set-up either! Side Quest is for anyone that wants to build games. Never made a game before? Not a problem!


You can join their Discord community for the next steps, and watch their daily live streams from industry professionals to guide you through the whole game-making process. Once you’re done, submit your finished games at the end of the week to see them shared and played around the world! Side Quest is 100% free, so there’s no barrier to entry for those that are interested.

The first theme, submitted by Sumo Digital, is:

We all need to stay home to stay safe at the moment, but what does that mean for the unseen creatures who share our living spaces? Perhaps not all of them are engaging in international espionage, but how are weevils coping with the flour shortage, and how are woodlice showing their support for the NHS?

We’re supporting Into Games with this initiative. As the originators of the Grads in Games scheme, which bridges the gap between education and employment, and being uniquely placed to help shape careers and the next generation of studio workplaces; this was such a natural fit. We look forward to seeing all of the amazing projects from the next generation of game development professionals! Be sure to follow the hashtag #playaparttogether to keep up with all of the updates and the projects that are being developed!

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