WFH Update: What Games Are We Playing?

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We hope you’re all keeping safe and well! As we hurtle into a full month working from home, we thought it was about time we touched base with the team again. This time out we’re taking a look at what games have been keeping us occupied during these trying times. From AAA blockbusters to addictive mobile offerings, some of the feedback really surprised us. As games have been proven to be the perfect tool for staying occupied during the lockdown, and with demand for our favourite hobby never greater, there’ll definitely be at least one title from the list below which you should check out!

Valorant is fantastic, steep learning curve, but I’m finally getting a positive K/D ratio now. It’s a plant the bomb style game with rounds that last roughly two minutes. I’d definitely recommend people check it out. Raft, on the other handis a great survival game that’s easy to pick up. It’s a different take on the survival/crafting genre which sees you out at sea rather than in a woods, like most games.”

“I downloaded Destiny 2 and It left me very confused and feeling pretty old, to be honest. I spent 45 minutes walking around the home bit just trying to start a mission. I’m sure the problem is mine but I’ve not got into it yet. I’ve actually been playing COD Mobile with a friend. He is in no way a gamer, he doesn’t even own a console, but throughout COVID-19 he has become hooked, and it’s now the main way we talk. He’s even gone as far as to buy a controller to sync up with his tablet.”

“I’ve been playing Archero and I’m still on the same level I was on pre-lockdown. Dan Hawkins and I are in competition with each other. He’s been playing loads, and he’s on level 11 now, I think. His lead won’t last long, don’t worry.”

“If you know me, it should come as no surprise that I’m still playing Modern Warfare. I LOVE BonBon Cakery as it’s a mobile game that you can just pick up and play. You start off with a small bakery and work your way up to creating new recipes by mixing ingredients together, travelling and exploring new cities. The ultimate goal is growing your cakery following. You also get to decorate your own cafe!”

“I’m only really playing Gardenscapes, to be honest. Saying that I am at level 642, so maybe it’s not that I haven’t got the time for anything else and more that I LOVE this game.”

Human: Fall Flat is a great game to play with friends or in single-player format. I recently played it with friends over the weekend and we had hours of fun. The physics and general gameplay are hilarious, you’re sort of a rag-doll trying to accomplish physically challenging puzzles. Dead By Daylight was recommended by my brother and other streamers. My Twitch viewers also suggested it to me so I just had to check it out. Its a 1 v 4 game where you play a survivor or a killer. The killers are creatures/villains that have been influenced/created from iconic horror films, comics, and TV shows. They’ve even recently started adding more recent killers from shows such as “Stranger Things” and films like the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Dead by Daylight is an online-only game, but offers great character customisation, levelling systems, and is quite well balanced to say its a 1 v 4. It’s a great game for the true horrors fans out there!”

“My twitch reflexes have long since gone bad, so I’m having an interesting time with Valorant. I like the addition of ultimates and powers to the tried and tested Counter Strike formula, so I think I’ll probably stick with it. I’m also back on Fallout 76 thanks to the most recent update. It’s like a whole new game, packed full of new content, stories and much more! It definitely feels like a better entry more akin to the rest of the Fallout franchise…I’ve also been playing Animal Crossing…obviously.”

Wreckfest has the most amazing soundtrack and I basically just try to cause as much damage as possible to the other cars! It’s mindless fun but it’s fun nonetheless. Mortal Kombat XL is the other game I’ve currently got on the go. The story is a little scary, but then you get the chance to use your special moves and the goriness of it all is really cool.”

“I’ve had a weird catharsis playing through The Division 2. I spent hundreds of hours in the original game but never really picked up the sequel. Playing through it now, a game about a special operations soldier within a biological pandemic, during a real-life pandemic, has been odd. It’s been strangely reassuring, but I don’t know whether that’s just the wide-open spaces and freedom of movement it offers or the subject matter. I’ve also recently played through The Force Unleashed series for my YouTube channel. As the precursor to Jedi: Fallen Order, it was quite nice to take a second look at the influences and lore within this surprisingly old gem. Disney just needs to pull their finger out and make Galen Marek canon already.”

“It would be hard to sit next to someone like James and not have your interest piqued by CONTROL. He never shuts up about it. I am loving it though! I like the weird story and just how good it feels to play. It’s very satisfying to yeet a chair at someone’s head, and you don’t often get level traversal as clean or as smooth as this.”


What are you currently playing? Do any of our games match up with yours? Stay safe and we’ll have another update for you next week! 

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