We’ve Joined the #RaiseTheGame Initiative

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RaiseTheGame is a collaborative and high-impact pledge to improve diversity and inclusion in the games industry – creating cultures where everyone belongs, and ideas can thrive.”

On the back of the UK Games Industry Census (published by UKIE and authored by Dr Mark Taylor), the UK gaming body have released the RaiseTheGame inititative. The census itself delivered the most comprehensive assessment of diversity within the UK games workforce, delivering an interesting insight into representation and working conditions nationwide.

RaiseTheGame looks to go beyond that, encouraging companies and businesses in and around the games industry to commit to a series of pledges to improve diversity. The three core values include:

  • Creating a diverse workforce
  • Shaping inclusive and welcoming places to work
  • Reflecting greater diversity in the work you do

The initiative has already gained industry support, with studios from Creative Assembly to Ubisoft already signing up to the initiative. Tamsin O’Lunaigh, Talent Director at nDreams, said:

“By creating an inclusive culture, we now have more women and minority groups on the team, and a team who are willing and able to talk about issues that may affect them.”

For us, this initiative is such a natural fit. As recruiters for the video game industry, we’re uniquely placed to help build a more diverse and welcoming workforce. Starting at a grass-roots level, with our work with Grads in Games which sees us visit thousands of students every year, we provide actionable advice and assistance to those looking to make a career within gaming. Economic standing, racial background, identity, age, disability or religious beliefs shouldn’t be a barrier to achieveing your dream role.

Throughout the last few months, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a diverse and talented pool of staff, candidates and clients. Our very own Molly, Kirsten and Jasmin were announced as Women in Games Ambassadors, and they have big plans for events to help other women break into the industry going forward in 2020. I’ve also made it my mission to shine a light on initiatives and video game movements close to my heart, through the original content we’re creating. In this vein, I’ll be interviewing Robin Gray of Gayming Magazine, and the LGBTQ+ networking group Out Making Games, in an upcoming episode of our new podcast series.

If you’d like to learn more about the RaiseTheGame pledge, you can find their guide here.

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