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We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and managed to work through at least some of the games on your backlog before coming back to work! It’s a fresh new week, which means it’s time to catch up on some industry news before we delve into the upcoming releases from the video game industry and beyond.


Despite launching back in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had more concurrent players during the festive period than ever before. The news came from Global Community Lead for CD Projekt Red, Marcin Momot, on Twitter. The game has been brought back into the limelight thanks, in part, to the new Netflix series starring Henry Cavill as the titular protagonist, Geralt. Sales on Steam, the Nintendo eShop and the PS Store have also coincided with the launch of the VOD adaptation, making it much more accessible for new people to experience it. Now that’s great marketing!

Vince Zampella, co-founder and CEO of Respawn Entertainment, has announced that he’ll be moving into a studio head role at DICE LA. Coming at a high point in his career, with successful launches in 2019 of Apex Legends and Jedi: Fallen Order (hailed as the best Star Wars game in years and a game Simon and Jordan are STILL playing), he went on to say that the studio “will probably rebrand. We want to give it a new image. We want people to say, this is a destination where you can go and make new content.” DICE LA has the reputation of being the support studio for DICE Stockholm but moving forward this seems set to change with Zampella’s leadership. Despite the move, it’s also reported that Zampella will remain CEO of Respawn. How he’ll balance the two roles only time will really tell. He clearly has an aversion to downtime.


CES 2020 is currently going on and Sony was rumoured to have a big announcement relating to the PS5. With more images of the Devkit and Dualshock 5 leaking online, it was expected that we’d finally get to see more about the next-gen console. Unfortunately, the only thing we were treated to was the official logo for the PS5…and it looks exactly as you’d expect. One company who did bring hardware to the show was Dell. The portable Alienware UFO concept looks like a Switch clone in almost every sense of the word; removable controllers, a kickstand and similar (but admittedly more trapezoid) form factor. Where Dell has the trump card is processing capabilities. The Alienware UFO is rumoured to be as powerful as a gaming PC, but they haven’t yet disclosed specs. It currently exists as just a prototype…but we’re definitely interested.


The below images come courtesy of The Verge.

Out of the releases for this week, Rian is looking forward to tackling Tigrex and Glavenus in the PC release of the Iceborne DLC for Monster Hunter: World and Dan was almost positive that THOTH had already come to Switch…

Tuesday 7th January

  • Cursed Caves (PC)
  • AVABEL Online (PC)

Wednesday 8th January

  • Regions of Ruin (Xbox One)
  • Dragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend (Xbox One)
  • Animal Friends (Xbox One)
  • Refuge (PC)

Thursday 9th January

  • AO Tennis (PC)
  • Monster Hunter: Iceborne (PC)
  • 140 (Switch)
  • Cooking Tycoons – 3 in 1 Bundle (Switch)
  • THOTH (Switch)
  • The White Door (PC & Mac)
  • Mythic Ocean (PC)
  • Pinball Universe (PC)

Friday 10th January

  • Craftica (PC & Mac)
  • Aborigenus (Switch)
  • Technosphere (Switch)
  • Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters (Switch)
  • Coffee Break (PC)
  • The Blind Prophet (PC)
  • Dusk Warlocks (PC)

Saturday 11th January

  • Angry Food (PC)

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